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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Just About Raising a Little Barn Door Thing

Dear America,

don't believe I shared with you my latest find that sits in the entryway of my home...

it's an Amish bench.

It's origins being an Amish barn door, and told to be dating back at least one hundred years.

The length being only about three feet -- it is worn, splintered, and fashioned on top of two legs cut just as you would imagine a couple of Amish bench legs should look... simple, modest, purely functional, and humble in every way.

It's just a bench without any bells and whistles.

And it just sits.  

It's purpose, now, is to simply --  and certainly without any pomp and circumstance -- catch the things in the flow of life coming and going.  It's the keeper of the peace that strives to maintain a sense of order...this thing goes to school, this thing goes to the mailbox, while this thing -- the old leather handbag with pockets for gadgets and lipsticks and pens and keys -- goes everywhere, never leaving home without it.

Oh this bench...

The innocent bystander of the ages, we might also say it comes with  a timeless reminder of things and days past ...and .... as present as we want to be.

Personally, I favor simplicity in most everything.

What I wear, what I do with my hair, how I cook.   My phone still being bred from the "flip" category says it all.

And on that note, today,  I just want to share a video...for I believe it truly speaks for itself, too.

And full disclosure -- happy is knowing this link was sent to me from my girl.    As a girl totally "plugged in," she recognizes the natural evolution of the highs and lows of our modern ways, having been born nearly on the cusp of what might be considered an international dividing line of then and now.  

Oh what this little slice of a barn door might tell...but we can't dither here, for that would  be digress rather than progress, and we can't have any of that, now can we...

The thing is, in all of our mighty and lofty gains, we may be losing something dear.

But I need to shut up now.  Here you go:

good stuff..
Thank you, Gary Turk --  for being the barn door, the keeper in rhyme and in time, of the things we just might be missing.

Now, let us all put down the gadgets and gizmos and googled and gthing and truly....

Make it a Good Day, G

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