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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's a Show Business Thing

Dear America,

There's no business like show business...


and thank you Congressman Keith 'fill-a-bust-a-move' Ellison...

with a dishonorable mention going to President Obama, for where would he be without a teleprompter and props?

But seriously -- a really big thank you goes out to The Daily Caller, and Sean Hannity, for making the beautiful reality show come to life.

And what is up with a few of our "GOP" Governors, caving in to expanding the Medicaid rolls under Obamacare, when one day every single state that signs on with the devil in the details will have it come back to haunt them?   Unbelievable, Chris Christie...Rick Scott...

There is just no way the federal budget will be able to maintain this kind of benevolence from here to kingdom come.  No way. 

What else...

oh Janet Napolitano decided to let illegal immigrants facing deportation -- having been already caught in a crime, no less -- go free; yes, and three days BEFORE the end of the world via sequestration.  She apparently runs with the likes of Nostradamus and fancies herself on reading the tea leaves in her spare time,  for she can see the end is near, the money running out, and there's just no way she can keep these derelicts under lock and key no more, no more. 

What else...

we have "covert auctions" of heavy artillery going on in a not-so-secret desert, somewhere in the sands of the Sinai.  Translation: we are heavily arming our enemies.  And all while our brand spankin' new Secretary of State, John Kerry, was there; all this was going on even while Kerry made speeches and bowed and gaffed his way through the region. no kidding.

What else...

how about the White House selling out to the high rollers, lobbyists, and typical, political folly?  Something THIS president said he would NEVER do.  So this is what 500k gets you...

What else...

oh never mind.  what's the point?

The facts are so muddled at this point -- it's like watching a reality show lost in fantasyland.  We are the Truman Show...only thing is, the residual income has run out on the contract and the "low information" audience (as Rush calls it) has tuned out; although, on the bright side, the media is still sucked into sorry cast of characters, and the star -- Barack -- is so into himself, his mirror, mirror on the wall was made mobile, waterproof, foolproof, fireproof, and unbreakable...oh and fully operational by the power of the sun. 

And it only costs the taxpayer a trillion dollars a year -- what a deal, right?
(Of course, this is based upon future CBO projections yet to come and to be decided at a later date to be announced some time before the end of the week; unfortunately, due to future limitations foreseeable, all actions or investments are no longer FDIC insured, please be advised of the risks, see your broker for full details).

What else...

this thing -- this business of bringing you the lowdown all around town in America -- is deteriorating rapidly.   but, you know how it goes, sometimes the show takes on a life of it's own...you know what I mean?

It's like this obsessive concentration on sequestration.  If we break it down to the bare necessities, this president wants it; he wants it in order to use it for political gain.    If the "first responders" are the first to go, it is because this president wants to create chaos; for this president has the power to choose what goes and what stays.  And it's as easy as looking into a mirror (but of course, not literally, Mr. President).  But chaos begets mind-blowing control, feeding off of the hysteria, confusion, desperation, and weakness. The end will justify the means.

[For another great take, go here, to The Patriot Post for "Apocalypse Now".]

He's making a point, turning it into a big show of force, working the tools of propaganda like a machine.  Remember now -- a year ago, this president said he would veto any bill getting in the way of this sequestration decision from going through no matter what.   And now this.  Take two, or is it more like two thousand and thirteen?

We might as well be people, dressed in sheep's clothing, stuck behind the lights, camera and action, grazing on a mountain of green grass totally oblivious to the bubble that's about to burst.

No need for substance, virtue, truth or integrity - - It's show business, baby, all the way.

Make it a Good Day, G

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