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Friday, February 15, 2013

It's How Can This Government Sleep at Night Thing

Dear America,

I feel soooooooooo good today.  And I haven't had this feeling for sooooooooooo long, either.  This has been such a looooooooooooooong week [on top of my own crazy absence from normal life extending to an horrific three weeks]  -- but for this week I can turn to my little darling as the culprit, for my girl has been a flying monkey for days.  In part because she has had a vicious schedule of deadlines on top of her, in part because she is still in recovery from the flu that I gave to her, and in part because she's lacking a really good night's sleep.  Not sure how far back we have to go on the calendar to see when she had one of those...

Little old G on the other hand -- I got one of those really good night's sleep just last night.  Happy Valentine's Day to me. 

Oh sure, celebrated mid-day with my baby with cards, candy, flowers and balloons -- it was all good....every thirty minutes of it.  But seriously, I am being totally for real here, totally appreciative and totally serious.  Getting that much on a day when I least expected it, considering what my baby is in the middle of right now, is like getting everything you ever wanted in one fell swoop.  To say this guy isn't a wee bit overwhelmed, would be an understatement, but I digress.  He STOPPED his day for me (but who are we kidding -- as any good guy should do if he knows what's best --  you know, considering the way lovey dovey stuff is supposed to work).

Anywho -- he did it.  He stopped and played cupid.  At the end of the day, with my girl being at her dad's,  I was able to fall to sleep like a baby.  I was sound asleep by 8:30 and slept until 7 without a care in the world (yeah, right, that's a good one).

But the thing is -- let me be perfectly clear -- I  FEEL SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD today.   I haven't coughed for twenty four hours, I had a wonderful dinner of filet mignon with béarnaise sauce and a luscious side of heaping mashed potatoes, with probably more butter than potato.  No veggies on the plate whatsoever.  For dessert, a slim slice of chocolate marble cheesecake with a half dozen Reese's Minis on the side of that, too, and finished off with a big, cold glass of milk, with ice, of course.    Let's not forget, all of that was preceded with a two-finger shot of Maker's Mark over ice just to get the party started.

And right after all that, I put myself into the tub for a relaxing half hour of bubbles and bath salts.  IT had been the culmination of a long work day all the way around, and a bath was not only calling my name, it was screaming at me "just stop G, give in and let go....you deserve it."

Oh you get it now....  
I went to bed fat and happy.

What a treat.
Wouldn't it be lovely if every day was like that?

Don't answer that.
Let me help you out...if every day was like that, just how special would it be?  How would that really serve us, mainly me, in the long run anyway?  How would that teach us, mostly me,  to respect, honor, even feel a sense of gratitude for what we have and see the real value in the things large and small?  But there again, talking to self.

But if we really give it some earnest thought -- most of our time is spent dealing with life wrapped up in a world of obligations and responsibilities.  It is only when we can steal away a few minutes, an hour, a day, to gain a deeper perspective of what all those obligations and responsibilities really do for us -- from a character building, life affirming, open heart and God's grace centered in our thoughts kind of way -- that we understand the immensity of what it means to be human.  And that goes double for being a good human.  It's days when we can truly feel how good we've got it, of how hard we work for it, that the day becomes really, really, super good.

It's like Saturdays after a morning of chores and we take that first sip of a cold, icy coke [I do believe G has a secret fetish for ice...I mean, just how many times can I bring it up in one blog?]

But it is our government these days, who would like to have us believe we have nothing to worry about, nothing to concern ourselves with, that we have no problem with spending whatsoever, even in the most conservative stretch of the imagination.   They tell us, we don't have a spending problem, we have a revenue problem; we don't have a spending problem, we have a "paying for problem" of the obligations that we have set in motion [ironic, considering who in fact is doing the obligating].

We borrow forty-six cents on every dollar we spend.


How can this government sleep at night?

We are 16, almost 17, TRILLION dollars in debt.

How can this government sleep at night?

We are in the midst of out-lawing one of our most precious rights - the right to bear arms.

How can this government sleep at night?

We bear witness to this government taking personal responsibility, self-reliance, individual duty unconscionably out of the daily to-do list.

How can this government sleep at night?

We take prayer -- or just five minutes of personal reflection -- out of school.

How can this government sleep at night?

We have watched this government usurp the medical industry, undermine real reform, in the implementation of a brand new entitlement program that has turned the 85% of the American people happy with their insurance to 100% of all Americans totally unglued by the corruption responsible for diabolically upending everything good about the health care system in America.  All this without even trying to open up the state borders so that insurance companies could finally compete with one another for the health care dollar -- unbelievable. [and all costing us -- not roughly 900 billion as initially thought, but three times as much; and all by stealing 500 billion from Medicare!  Oh who hates old people now?]

How can this government sleep at night?

We watch our hard-earned, tax-payer paid for, ammunition, airplanes, and tanks just be handed over to the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt.

How can this government sleep at night?

We witness the cost of electricity, gas, "necessarily rise"  according to the long term vision of the Socialist-in-Chief.

How can this government sleep at night?

And I feel really bad for all the blood, sweat and tears, of  every single immigrant who has earned, fought, studied  -- for days, weeks, months -- to become a citizen of these magnificent United States, only to watch the illegal immigrant cross our borders every single day, outside the boundaries of the law, be deemed no longer "illegal" per se, but now, by virtue of their lack of respect for this country and the proper channels set in place of becoming American citizens, essentially come out getting everything for doing absolutely nothing but break the law.

How can this government sleep at night?

We have eleven thousand new recipients of food stamps every single day.

How can this government sleep at night?

We have the lock box of social security broken and it's contents gone.

How can this government sleep at night?

We have this government spending a trillion dollars more than it takes in year in and year out.

How can this government sleep at night?

Okay, think I will stop now; would really hate to ruin the chances of getting two really good night's  sleep in a row.   And certainly -- somewhere between taking prayer out of school and the number of Americans facing the challenge of feeding their families on food stamps -- I would imagine I was beating a dead horse [and how about that story on horse meat...but no time to find it now].

Out here in California, the mad-man, Chris Dorner, was confirmed dead -- unbelievable the amount of attention he got, considering.     Our whole entire world is crumbling around us -- economically, spiritually, culturally -- only fitting the politically correct fascination of a murderer gone rogue, in a power to the people kind of way, gets our full, walking dead, hypnotic response.   Are we all idiots now?

All I know is we -- mostly me -- have some kind of work to do before we get another evening of thinking, contemplating, worrying, of all things centering around absolutely nothing. 

Oh well, it was really good while it lasted...there is that.

Make it a Good Day, G

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