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Monday, August 20, 2012

It's What a Little R & R Can Do Thing

Dear America,

It's Monday and my August recess is officially over.

Having been gone for a little R & R -- remember, by rail -- let it be known that my girl and I logged roughly fifty-seven hours partially reclined and regretfully, a wee bit uncomfortable, and a whole lot bored for one fifteen year old.  I do believe I killed the romance of it for her forever....oh well.

We've been back for days now; even so, I feel like my thoughts are still being drowned out by the continuous purr of a rolling rrrrrrrrrrrr.  And it certainly doesn't help that my witty little mama managed to squeeze in an inquiry to her latest idea for a bumper sticker (for the GOP, of course) -- pirating a common phrase among marine navigation:  "Red Right Returning."    

While remarkably, it was while we were gone that the GOP found itself a Vice President; and how fitting, another R to round out the ticket.   And are we all quite giddy about it, or what?

LOVE Paul Ryan.   love love love this pick so much.  This ticket has got America Red Right Returning all the way; we're coming home!   We're returning from being virtually lost at sea, fully ready to restore honor, revitalize our community with one another, and revolutionize our federal government all over again.

It's kinda like coming back from vacation.

Now, we may come home feeling utterly exhausted, as if we need another vacation to recover from our vacation.   But quite honestly, after keeping our feet grounded for a day or two, with the help of a good night's sleep in-between, we begin to feel ready to take on the world again.  Our physical dimension has been given quality time to recalibrate with our soul, and suddenly, almost out of the blue, we begin to blend into one moving body, with all of our parts, and thoughts, and feelings, getting back on track.

We begin to hum along, returning to a world we now see with brand new eyes.

We are refreshed in every way.

I left town with a little apprehension -- for contrary to the president's understanding of how the real world works -- I was feeling uncomfortable about pulling up stakes and leaving my life even for a brief period of time; for who would write my day in the life of America?  It's not like I can just not show up, you know.  If I don't show up, nothing gets done, not a word gets scribed.

Which reminds me of something I read before leaving --simply titled, "Thank you, Road" by Keith Koffler, @whitehousedossier.com . good stuff indeed.
cue the A-na-lo-G:  Giving thanks for being back home, returning to my kitchen -- it's kinda like, according to the president's beliefs -- anyone with an oven can bake a decent casserole; anyone with an oven, never burns a cookie; anyone with an oven, cooks like an Iron Chef.   The tools don't do a thing, Mr. President, until someone steps up to create something of value...but then, we digress....

Returning to the train of thought, please don't misconstrue -- it's not like I'm anything big, either.  I recognize how wee I am [and grateful for it, really --for  my little g-ness kinda keeps the riff-raff at bay].

The thing is -- it all comes down to ME wanting to show up, for it feeds a part of me that I can't even put into words. [yes, selfish, I know]

Besides marking my RED RIGHT RETURNING, today celebrates a process that began three years ago.

Somehow, I've rolled along long enough, keeping a diary of all things Americana, and have reached a milestone; for this day, this happy monday, this day in the life of America,  marks my 500th entry.

Granted, sometimes I'm just full of myself and it's all about me; sometimes, I've just simply had enough, totally exasperated by the political environment; sometimes I venture to make a point, still other times, I try to make too many; while even though it's called a day in the life -- realistically, it's like every third day...but who's counting, right? -- the thing is this little engine that could shows up when I it's time to blow.  And besides, all in all, it's my blog and I can say what I want to, often cry if I want to.

America has been holding, treading water at a turning point, for the last three and a half years -- while it's all coming 'round right quick.  And here are a couple of my favorite quotes capitalizing on the sea change while I was gone:

"So, Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago, and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America."  Mitt Romney

"The last time I was filling my truck up, it cost 100 bucks, the only reason it cost 100 bucks is because the pump cut me off at at 100 dollars. I didn't even fill the gas tank! Enough! We have our own oil and gas. We have nuclear. We have all of the above: Wind, solar, coal. Let's use it. Let's make us energy independent...
I don't know about you,but when I was growing up, you know, when I was flippin' burgers at McDonald's, when I was standing in front of that big Hobart machine washing dishes or waiting tables, I never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. I thought to myself, I'm the American dream on a path and journey so that I can find happiness however I can find it myself."  Paul Ryan
[this versus the train wreck that needs no more introduction than 'just Joe':  courtesy of ABC news, "We got a real clear picture of what they all value,” Biden said. “Every Republican’s voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they’re proposing. Romney wants to let the — he said in the first hundred days he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, ‘unchain Wall Street.’ They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”]

Perhaps it's all the rest and relaxation messing with my head, but I do say that We, the GOP, have a perfectly well-rounded ticket for the American people to be very much excited about.

You know what else we can be excited about?

Are you ready for some football?  Just the music alone is enough to send chills all up and down my leg.

And the kids ...they all go back to school......

ahhhhhhhh just breathe, G, just breathe in the RED RIGHT RETURNING of fall; we are rebuilding and reuniting with all things good for America.

All is right with the world again.

we are comin' round the mountain, we are pulling up to port,  happy days are here again.

Make it a Good Day, G 

Number 500 is dedicated to my mama xoxo
[you'll get the next one, papa x]


  1. 500 of anything is a BIG NUMBER! Add just a couple more and 500 years ago was Columbus and the New World and Luther and the Reformation: the two major stepping stones to free American Republic for which we stand. Luther was just 9 when he learned that the Earth was round and 34 when he posted his famous 95 ... And the idea of individual responsibility was born and looking for a home. G reminds us of this gift over and over.
    Thanks! TLBYAKY Always ....

  2. Congrats on the 500th and glad your RR vacation brought you to us!
    I love "red right returning" !! Go, Go, GOP!