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Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Truth, Trains and Ordinary Time Thing

Dear America,

old gthing is beginning to power down for a well earned vacation; it's been a hectic week, one totally empowered by a furious charge of rational self-interest to the max.  The hope is that the crazy days leading up to the leave will be totally worth it -- for the incentive to get it done is greater than leaving things undone for upon my return.

Speaking of which, it is the rational self-interest drive that systematically fuels our capitalist society -- no, scratch that, make that a virtuous capitalist society.

Moreover, it the the rational self-interest of learned men and those who make it their mission to break down the principles and teachings of economics and society, growth and stagnation, and just exactly how the intangible qualities of life become oh so tangible, easily enough for all the rest of us to understand, becomes essentially priceless -- priced right out of the market even.    The wealth of knowledge that ordinary people can acquire and share and express and make abundant and bear fruit becomes utterly limitless.  AND if we remain good people -- enriched in spirit, in soul, in compassion, in love -- the greater good becomes that much greater.

The chatter of the last couple of days has included the celebration of life and works of such -- a remarkable American really -- Milton Friedman.   He would have turned one hundred years old on July 31st... if we were just so lucky to have him on this earth still.

I first want to link to a great article for you to read on the man -- by Donald J. Boudreaux, for a little 'centennial celebration.'   go on now.... g can wait....

super good huh.  love that whole pencil thing.

and for a few words from the man himself, let me switch gears to a wee bit of GTV:

so true! 

"imaginative packaging and deceptive labeling"  -- how simple.

That is how all big bad government grows.

I can only imagine how Milton must be thinking of the unconscionable packaging of the "Affordable Care Act."

The thing is -- and what most people seem to no longer recognize -- is that the beauty of capitalism works for us without us even thinking about it; while the things we seem to think need fixed  -- by more regulation, taxation and control --  ultimately tie us down.

Right now, just a few days out from a very long train ride, I am beginning to get excited. For I can go on vacation without a care in the world because  ---

  • I have someone taking care of my baby Boo; 
  • I have someone making sure the electricity still keeps my fridge cold, saving that pound of bacon for when I come home; 
  • I can do my banking from anywhere, giving me pocket change for trinkets and cocktails anywhere, anytime; 
  • I can entrust my travels to the pilot, the conductor, and all who came into the making of that fine plane and train; 
  • I can organize my work schedule for time off from my day's labor, reaping the instant benefits of not owing my own business and being able to walk away at any time;
  • I can choose to go anywhere I want, anyway I want;
  • I can choose to fine dine or find the nearest food truck;
  • I can sleep on someone's couch or lay up in a swanky hotel;
  • I can leave for a humanitarian project or just slip away purely for my own self-interest;
  • I can take a giant leap from a life ORDINARY to extraordinary in a day;
  • and I could go on and on...you get my drifter dribble
Anywho, as you are my witness, on this day, I make a pact with my rational self-interest self.

When I come home, I pledge to listen to more Milton and less Real Housewives.  I will soak up more Ayn Rand and less Jack Daniels.  I will become a student of all things Adam Smith and less anything to the contrary.

Sure, call me narrow-minded, I don't mind.  I know what I like.

I like the truth.

I like plain and simple talk explaining the truth.

So, if you'll excuse me, I need to gather my reading material for a grand total of 48 hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet.to and fro.  yippie skippy to me

Make it a Good Day, G

and now talk about all things celebratory...next blog is a very big day for gthing....but don't hold your breath, for I come and go as I please.

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  1. The beauty of the UK Olympics was that it was also a Chick-Fil-A opening, teaching the world that absent the 'industrial revolution' leading to enlightened and moral Capitalism, the much fewer 'people's of the world would still be starving to death in the dark. Probably 90% of the world learned of the Industrial Revolution for the first ever! ... Including at least 50% of USA NEA indoctrinated 'students' raised in the democrat socialist creed. THANKS UK! Capitalism works because freedom, free speech works, and that is what Chick-Fill-A is all about ... We hold these Truths... Self Evident ... Thanks Creator! HAST, SYS, YDABT, LMDC ...