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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Roads Paved in Gold Thing

Dear America,

this is how disconnected to business the president is --

before anything gets built,

whether it is a fast food joint, a commercial office building, a hospital, a gas station, a strip mall --

before anything gets built,

the business must get a permit (for everything)

the business must get approval (for everything)

the business must pay up --

for the roads and street lights and sewer and fire hydrant and handicapped sidewalks and underground cable and basically cover for everything in and around that business.

The business paid somebody, the city and all of it's contractors, to create a new road and any and all infrastructure the government deems necessary.

The government should be thanking the business!

Hey, Mr. President --  you didn't build it!  You couldn't have built it without the commercial success and investment by virtue of the free market and the capitalists behind the sign-age.  And guess what, your ignorance precedes you every step of the way now.

It's like, you detest business, in so many ways, so much these days, the Democratic Convention can't even refer to the stadium by its proper name.  It is called the Bank of America Stadium, not Panther's Stadium.  Bank of America paid big money to put their name on it just to take advantage of moments like this...association with the great one about to stand at the incumbent pulpit and speak to his congregation just like last time around.  [Who could forget that extravaganza?]

You know, all this got me thinking -- I'm beginning to realize so many of my shortfalls.

I know I cannot build a stadium, I wouldn't even know where to start.

And I certainly don't know a thing about this computer, as I am hunting and pecking about on the keyboard; nor could I build a phone, a refrigerator, a TV, a plane, train or automobile.

Heck, it would take me more time than I would like to take to make my own yogurt, bread, wine and cheese.

But I do know this -- I benefit more than I can ever imagine from all of these things that have magically appeared before me through the magnificence in mind and energy and ability and strength and ambition that other people are so well endowed.

I just want to go to my fridge, grab my ice cream, and go back to my couch and watch House Hunters International (before Calgone can take me away).

Anybody that creates anything that I can't make I am indebted to for life and give thanks. 

But do I ever look upon these corporate entities who bring all these things about with green eyes of envy for the wealth they may have earned through bringing 'it' to market and making a profit on my hard-earned dime?

No.   Because I respect reality -- no business would stay in business if it didn't turn a profit.  [and I really like my wine]

The president's mantra -- coming right out of the handbook for community organizers, collectivists and socialists worldwide -- is the continuing pounding for everyone to pay their fair share; the president believes that the rich (aka job/business/opportunity creators) should pay more because they have more.  And they do, see here for a great stat.

So as it clearly points out from the audacity of hypocrisy website -- if the top 5% of wage earners cover for 64% of all tax revenue going into the coffers, how can this not be MORE than fair?   This leaves the majority, the 95% -- might as well round up to 'the 99%' -- only covering a "fair share" of 36%.

The disconnect of the president weighs in even more once we imagine that for every corporation, for every business large or small, has a leader - - somebody is in charge of making sure that business employs the right number of people, keeps its total expenditures low and its profits higher, maintains all laws and regulations, treats its employees fairly, and makes/provides something of value that people want to buy -- just so that the business can simply continue to hang its shingle (even if such a shingle runs the size of a football stadium).  This business may support one life, a family, or a whole crew, but at the end of the day, doesn't it support all of us and thereby support hundreds of lives, if not hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.

And if such a business does not perform and do the right thing more often than not, it doesn't deserve to stay in business, respective of the understanding there is no such thing as too big to fail.

While regretfully, and digressing to classic Godfather for support, sometimes it's not personal at all, it really is just business.

The thing is -- would real business  make it if we all walked around walking all over each other, or putting our boot to the throat, or hitting up the grocer (Sam Walmart) to pay even more, or else?

Real business stays in business from being honorable in every way and creating a place where the masses -- the consumer, the buyer, the purveyor of a need -- want to do business with.  It's all about an exchange of value, as we have aggressively talked about on more days than I can remember.

I believe Romney owes his success from doing the best job he could no matter what he was doing -- whether at Bain, leading Massachusetts, leading the Olympics in 2002, or anywhere else.   His track record, his results, are exemplary, are they not?  He is just dripping in success. 

For Bain Capital, they made it their business to help other businesses, for goodness sakes.  This is what they do.  If they didn't have a reputation for producing rather stellar results, word would get around, and Bain would go belly up accordingly.

But all of this is neither here nor there.

We have a president who at some warped level believes that 'if you have a business, you didn't build it' -- that you have the 'government provided infrastructure' to thank for it -- and more important, you should be ashamed of yourselves for not giving more back considering all that you have; all of this revealing the classic, but jarring, mentality of someone in the business of marketing collectivism.

The president should stop and apologize.

The thing is -- it all boils down to so much more than contributing 2/3rds of the financial tax burden; for what the higher achievers of the world --  those bringing all good things to life -- really do for us, gives back to us a hundred fold in the every day.  If we can be truly honest, what we gain in the exchange may be worth so much more.

think about it -- can you even put a real value to the rather inexpensive cell phone connected to your hip?  Get a phone --  make contact with your children with ease, get directions, phone in a food order for pickup, call for help in an emergency.  Get a phone number --  start a business, make money, employ somebody to help you, then turn an even bigger profit....hello.  [yeah, and it's gotta be just that simple, given the way this president uses his minutes to talk and text]

It's called priceless.
It's an intangible process of give and take, risk and reward, counting upon an even exchange at all times, between all parties involved or it would not work.  The job creators provide a commodity that the every day person on the street either cannot do, will not do, or just chooses not to.  But make no mistake, the value of providing such an opportunity for those of us on the anti-do side, is huge -- it's what feeds us and puts clothes on our backs, and so on and so.   This country should be kissing the feet of every entrepreneur instead of slapping their face.

What we have created in America through the magic of capitalism re-booted an entire new world...and all of us benefit from it...the entire world has benefited...all of us gain something and most often for doing absolutely nothing [oooh which reminds me of a super sweet golden rule -- you get what you give ]

And speaking of roads, bridges and Internet  (the brilliant context the Left speaks so highly of to support the president's absurd belief system):  the roads in America gained such the reputation, people spoke of them being paved in gold [of course now, paved in nearly worthless paper]; but that's how good at it we were [being capitalists]; while the underlying exceptionalism ruled in thought, word and deed from school house to school house, from Main Street to Wall Street, from sea to shining sea.

Make it a Good Day, G

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  1. Adam Smith, Ethicist, Economist, published, "On Wealth," 1776, the Bible of Capitalism, that alongside the Christian Bible, was part of the bedrock foundation of the thought political phylosophy of our Founding Fathers, drafting the "Declaration of Independence," 1776 !!!

    "On Wealth," in the 1950s was the first reading required in college Econ 101. Adhered to today, would rectify all our economic problems ... a wonderful read. I have a copy on my bookshelf and in my Kindle library ... Just because it so central American success ... until now. It is No. 2 to my Olive Tree Bible