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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a Bottom's Up Thing

Dear America,

"As government expands, liberty contracts."

the country is top heavy...and not because of what you think.

It's not because of the top 2%, or even the top 10% of all wage earners -- who just so happen to pay 71% of all federal tax revenue.

Nope.  Keep the change.

It's because we, the people, have allowed our government to grow exponentially -- stealing our liberty every step of the way -- and eroding the very foundation in which we stand.

Clearly, we are top heavy.   And we all know what happens when that happens, right?

 The THIRD city to go down in the state of California -- San Bernardino -- knows exactly what I am talking about.  Can you say pension overload?  Can you say exorbitant salaries?  Can you say unconscionable entitlements?   Can you say twenty years of nobody watching just what 'they' do?

Just who holds sweet liberty now?

America was designed to build our liberty from the bottom up -- one citizen at a time, from generation to generation, and never breaking the code of honor and integrity which binds.

But as we are witnessing today, this very notion of the bottom being part and parcel of our nation's unfaltering, unwavering foundation and being of principal and values and the rule of law has simply grown non-existent.

Instead of building upon the elements proven to withstand the test of time -- living honestly and morally sound, investing in years of hard work and a good education, being of exceptional character as best we can -- the bottom has simply decided to check out, leaving all duty and responsibility for someone else's shoes to fill and essentially leaving a huge, massive, uncharacteristic, un-American, void.

Just who jumps in to fill the void?

oooh which reminds me of another good video to cue on GTV (it's a replay, but who's counting anything right?) --

We are entering a new phase in America -- it seems to be some rendition of a mob rule, masked by a highly corrupt rule of law maligning with unscrupulous representatives who have usurped all power of our Constitution.

The mob at the bottom is totally okay with this; for this topsy-turvy view of being a productive, integral, responsible, accountable citizen has been replaced with a brand new mindset -- some kind of compilation of a junkie on entitlement steroids and an Occupier who simply wants to stick it to the man.

Now this girl is certainly no engineer, but me thinks a country -- a Republic -- can only keep it's balance for just so long.

It all comes down to a few things:   the weaknesses of human nature --  the inherent faults of inferior construction and lousy materials -- along with an ignorant (yet sometimes blatant) trampling of the blueprints.

Thanks to a gift from my papa, I receive a newsletter, Access to Energy, each month.  It's published by a science/tech guy running for Congress up in Oregon, Dr. Arthur B. Robinson.  It's really good stuff.  Anywho,
he includes an essay simply entitled "Democracy" and shares this thought --

"The real issue is whether or not we can convince the majority to elect a Congress that will return to government under the Constitution -- wherein the powers of the majority are placed below individual human rights.  Will the majority realize that their rights are no safer than those of the minority?  Will the custom and culture of our Republic and common sense prevail?"

And adding one more thing under a heading of "Stark Raving Mad" -- Robinson laments upon the thought of what Thomas Paine would think if he were here today and makes this observation (and totally like a mad scientist, too):

"That it is not common sense that the 99% and the 1% would permit the 0.001% to set them against each other and thereby enslave the entire 99.9%.  To do this would be "stark raving mad."


If the mob at the bottom was really using it's head, they would see this.

They would see that they are in the midst of eroding not only their own liberty, but the liberties of other people that they will never even exchange 'hellos'... 

[cue the light bulb above my head]  Because that's just it; we are not a nation of skyscrapers and corporations.  We are a nation of people.  People needing people, as G quickly digresses into cheesy...

Producers needing consumers; consumers needing producers, to buy all the many things they want or need or must have -- and requiring a real job to pay for all of it.  Given previous conversations, it's the fairest exchange of all when allowed to operate freely, openly, honestly between all the parties involved.

And yet the hard reality remains to be seen --  the only thing the government produces is a world of debt built in the middle of nowhere wasting trillions of dollars propped up by fiat money and paper pushers of bureaucracy.  Every job the government produces, every new government entitlement, every empty government building, every wasted government stimulus, every dollar printed like monopoly money costs us money! 

While the mob at the bottom just wants more of it.  The Republic is seemingly being outnumbered and outwitted right before our eyes.  weird.

Dr. Arthur Robinson notes in the very same issue a steel deficiency -- sharing new stats that the Chinese produce 46% of world's steel, while the U.S., merely 6%.  6%!  that is a whopping 6%.  [Andy Carnegie must be shaking his head right along side Tommy boy]

But we'll have to save that conversation for another day.

Bottoms up.

Make it a Good Day, G

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