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Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a Tale of Two Very Different People Thing

Dear America,

"That’s why I’ve called on Congress 
to take the money we’re no longer spending 
at war, 
use half of it to pay down our debt, 
and use the other half to rebuild America."  
President Obama
weekly address, Saturday

that is fresh, isn't it?

yeah, remember when he said ...before the end of my first term, I will pay down the debt by half?

yeah, and remember when he said, during his first campaign...if I am elected, I will go line by line eliminating wasteful spending?

Now, my last few entries here in G land have been preoccupied on the business of being a mom, the thankless job that it is, you know --  including the unending pressure to raise decent human beings under the umbrella that is simply recognized as "mom" --  having had the conversation kicked off and forced upon us by the ridiculous commentary coming from Hilary Rosen, attacking the 'wealthy mom' as personified by Ann Romney.

Now, eventually we got down to brass tacks, contrasting the family budget with that of the federal government's.

But all in all -- much like today's anti-male "hidden agenda" in advertising -- we left 'the other half' pretty much out of it.

And, as you can well imagine, this little oversight got me thinking...no, stop, go back G, stop thinking....

so Welcome. 
Mi Casa es Su Casa

 ...oooh, wipe your feet now...
oh never mind, 
it doesn't seem to matter

Let's pick apart the family scrapbook with something I like to call:  Tradition Is as Tradition Does.

Let's begin with a popular belief.  They say that when marriages don't make it -- one of two things is usually at the bottom of it:  Money or Infidelity.

Given the track record, it seems quite plausible America is heading for quite an ugly divorce; and it's gonna get messy.  Not only did the shmuck lie to us about "going line by line" and "cutting the debt by half"  -- we can't trust him farther than we can throw him.

And believe me, we've talked about it -- over and over and over again.  It's all we argue about.

And now listen to him -- "[I asked Congress]  to take the money we are no longer spending on war, use half of it to pay down the debt, and the other half to rebuild America."

That's like saying, "honey, take the money you were gonna spend on the Citibank Card (at 40% interest) and pay down some of the debt we've accrued on the Capital One Card --  and then, let's take the Bank of America card and pay for some repairs around the house."

And just how do you think it goes down?

Picture this:  the little wife turning to him, saying, "I'm done.  I just can't do this anymore."

yeah, Mr. President, that is ripe.  When running, on average, over a TRILLION dollars in debt each year -- you really think the American people are gonna keep buying this garbage? 

America is no longer bringing in enough bacon to cover the expenses -- across the board -- whether it is in love or war.  It all works out the same way.   But feel free -- go ahead -- add up all the wealth of the top 1% -- forcing them to turn over even their designer blouses and dresses -- IT STILL WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH!  

Mr. President:  YOU SPEND the people's MONEY as if it grows on trees. [See also, the old bag blog on  The Giving Tree day.]  now talk about rehashing the same old thing, time and time again...

People really don't change.

We elected an American president -- with every page of family history confirming it along the way -- who came from a Socialist mom and a Marxist dad and a Muslim stepfather and Socialist grandparents in Hawaii and mentored by Socialist/Communist community organizers far and wide.  He studied the Law -- specifically Constitutional Law -- in order to change it.

Redistribution is the way his garden grows.  Government corruption and control comes naturally.  Energy production and distribution, managed by the State, seems downright feasible.  Recreating the tax structure to penalize wealth -- discouraging self-reliance and taking away any and all motivation to risk, invest, and higher educate, to create jobs, opportunities, and expansion in every stretch of the imagination -- comes easily and without any regrets.

Spending money he does not have doesn't even remotely sound foreign.  It's as if he says to himself, 'well I said it, so it must be true...'

Just look at us now.

It's as if he doesn't even realize we are saying two different things, speaking two different languages, living in two entirely different homes and dreams.  Just another tale of two people, in two cities, in two widely different America's.  Who knew?  Changing our traditions and holidays was just the beginning...

He's absolutely nothing like I thought he would be. [actually, that's a lie -- ]

Make it a Good Day, G

Thank you, Michelle, you're right.  We ARE "gonna have to make sacrifices, and change the conversation..."

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  1. There is a tradition in the Bronx, it called assess, then "Throw the Bumbs Out"

    Assessment made! The wind-up and the pitch are next, and if it bounces a few times before dribbling across the plate ... that's OK too!

    Ooops, sorry! Not!