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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Discrimination by Distinction Thing

Dear America,
The ability or power 
to see or make fine distinctions; 
An act based on prejudice. 

Some discrimination is quite alright; it just depends, doesn't it.

Take, for example, differentiating between two rooms that essentially provide the same purpose or service -- a men's room and a women's room.  They are both bathrooms.  But one is for girls and one for boys.  Society is -- understandably -- more comfortable operating under such special arrangements. We assessed the options, the issues, the exposure, and made a decision -- girls have ya ya's, boys have we we's and the two shall not be co-mingled, thereby totally deserving of special a--commode--dation.

And rules are rules; boys are not allowed in the girl's room, and vice versa.

But let's take a giant leap into a whole 'nother realm -- like Affirmative Action.  It's blatant public policy that discriminates out in the wide open, for all to see.

We are in the process of discriminating against the LEGAL immigrants who wish to come to this country via all the proper channels by condoning, or turning a blind eye, to the millions of illegals rushing over the border through any means they can.

Or how about BET TV.   Yeah, like we could have a television production network that promotes "white" entertainment, and have the balls to call it just that: WET TV.

Oh, here's another easy one -- handicapped parking...handicapped seating...Out of compassion,   we discriminate, and make possible a better, closer parking spot for those who qualify simply because someone is physically challenged in some way.  Due to special circumstances, a handicapped person gets to park right in front, leaving all the rest of us to foot the added distance and inconvenience.

Hey, and even some hoity-toity restaurants still say "jackets required."  The nerve -- talk about knocking out the "99%," oi vay.

We even hold discriminating opinion as to what type of "millionaire/billionaire" is worthy of respect, by virtue of no more information than what it is they do or how they make it (even if its virtually overnight).  Wall Street millionaires are bad, oil/gas millionaires are really bad -- but Hollywood millionaires are good (while some are even really cool), facebook/google geek millionaires billionaires are good (while they make so much dough who needs to worry about being cool).

When confronted with the task of smoothing over a political flip flop on traditional marriage, Obama went to his spiritual advisors for support, surely convinced that no more than a conference call would do it.  As we duly noted days ago, Obama only called upon the black ones, presumably believing that they would follow his lead at the pulpit by color alone.

The Left chooses to segregate the American people every day -- choosing discriminating tactics through the  political narrative, undermining unity with a hidden agenda or two, attacking and dividing and conquering as they go along.

It's common practice for the Left to speak directly to particular segments of the population and think nothing of it -- African-Americans, Hispanics, Women (feminists), Unions, Gay/Lesbian community -- and more than that, commandeer them as their own, in hopes of controlling every vote.  Just how narrow-minded is that?

The thing is, we differentiate, we separate, we give benefits and special accommodation to people all the live long day.

Traditional marriage should be one of those things. 

Perhaps, think of traditional marriage from an aspect similar to taking Affirmative Action in favor of the way it's always been -- preserving culture and family -- while conditionally affirming something that is special, worthy of a discernment.

Both Natural Law and Civil Law support this unconditionally.  And law is law.  It is protected and emboldened by precedence, tradition, and all the ways society has affirmed it over time.

Traditional Marriage -- handicap it, if you must. Whatever gets you through the day.

Make it a Good Day, G

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  1. ... Talking about discrimination, how the fish and animals must 'feel' when they were created first and had free rein of Earth only to be discriminted against by the Ceator God who decided that the fish and animals needed to be cared for. So in Genesis 1:26-27 God made man in his own image and directed that man have dominion over the fish and animals. Ouch. And then, to make matters worse, God said man needed a helper Genesis 2:22-24, a woman who was joined with man as one flesh (married) and for this reason to start a new family ... and the women became a master at cooking fish and animals ... OMG!