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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Because We Love in America Thing

Dear America,

so anywho...my last entry was a bit squirrelly.  I'll admit it.  Straight up.

Propping up America's traditions, including Marriage between a man and a woman, is where I stand all the way around.   It is an issue that, realistically, you simply can't have both ways.

Nature made -- God made -- men to thrive as men and women to revel as women, and by love, come together as one to make a family and grow the next generation.

It's the way it's always been done (since the beginning of man) (all the way back to cavemen) (back to the days of Moses)  (affirmed in the Roman Empire) (past the Middle Ages) (beyond the discovery of the New World) (surviving the American Revolution, and then blowin' on past the Industrial revolution) (even outliving Woodstock).

The entire world supports the family dynamic beginning with a Man and a Woman...because there is a purpose under heaven.

To try and say that men and women are somehow interchangeable in this area, diminishes the very qualities that shape our persona, our roles, our culture --  from the individual family unit, to the rippling of the extended familial community; of course, knowing full well that, collectively, we are affirming a strong, unified, virtuous, society that continues to honor tradition, Natural Law, along with the importance, vitality, and great responsibility of family itself.

Men, the hunter/gatherer; women, the nurturer/caretaker; and the family grew. and so on and so on.

When the president was asked a pointed question on The View this morning -- being pushed into responding to the inquiry of basically, what's next....ya gonna repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

we got stammering.  uh uh well..."Congress is clearly on notice that I think it's a bad idea."

Ex Squeeze me....can't have it both ways, Mr. President.

Perhaps it was the immediate and critical feedback he received from a group of confidants -- a collection of BLACK pastors only, by the way -- that has made him wish he hadn't flipped so fast after Biden's "gaffe" (not that I believe it was, a gaffe -- the cynical side of G says it was all a set up for the flip, but we digress..).

According to a quote from Reverend Joel C. Hunter, "I would have tried to talk him out of it."  (for more, go here).

[For me, I'm still stuck on the fact that Obama was only interested in touching base with just the black ones.]

whatever...moving on.org...

What it confirms then -- is the political maneuvering of such a stunt.  Coming out to support gay marriage was a conscious decision, as an affront and in direct conflict to his black community, risking that the outreach to the gay community would reap the greater reward.  He weighed the pros and cons and then picked one, politically taking a side.

until uh uh well "Congress is clearly on notice that I think it's a bad idea."

Oh my goodness.  Oh my goodness.

Show some us some hunter/gatherer strength, will ya?  [fyi, I wanted to go crude there...but I didn't..cuz I'm choosing to be a little lady today]

But Mr. President, how come you just didn't say, Damn right I'm gonna repeal it!  and then pull a Michael Jackson on the ladies of The View?

seriously?  you are gonna try stuttering and sputting this away -- passing the buck to the do-nothing Congress -- the same do-nothing congress that can't even pass a budget in over three years, the same do-nothing congress who sits tight on party, partisanship, politics, with, generally speaking, wanton pandering and pandemonium?

Stand your ground, sir; go all in, for pete's sake.  If you are gonna "flip" (if we agree to call it that, that is) -- why the hell would you not take it all the way?  With all due respect, just where is the power in being half-assed about this?

But don't get me wrong; it's not like I want you to (go all in).

No sir ree.  I want you to keep on doing what you are doing.

This political web you weave is getting all tied up into knots.

Ya see, you aren't just "married" to your loyal followers -- you are conjoined with the entire nation by virtue of your position (in other words, the mate comes with the entire family...including the rich uncle, the gun toting grandma, the born-again cousin, the stay@home mother/sister-in-law, and so on and so on...); you are not tied to simply "the gay vote" the "black vote" the "feminist vote" the "union vote" -- your incumbency hangs on the all American vote which so happens to come in a wide variety of tones and highlights, but who pretty much agree to honor traditional marriage.

[not because we hate, but because we LOVE what traditional marriage makes good]

[and not because gays do not deserve the same benefits -- because they do; just call it something else -- because IT IS something else].

Your audience with The View girls is an anomaly of the whole...kind of like gay marriage.

But go ahead and settle in -- get comfy on the couch -- relax -- flash that gorgeous smile of yours and think that you can walk the thin line, the tight rope in between the two widely different worlds of career and family, and do so with flying colors.

In America, and in the world over, over thousands of years -- one has to be more important than the other -- and guess which one it should be?

Sadly, so many men (and these days, even women) fall into making this mistake.

Eventually, something has to give; eventually, mediocrity of the most important things diminishes the integrity of everything. Eventually, we will all fall down.

"It is the man and woman united 
that make the complete human being.  
Separate, she wants his force of body 
and strength of reason; 
he, her softness, sensibility, and acute discernment.  
they are more likely 
to succeed in the world."  
Benjamin Franklin 
[history has been unkind 
and untruthful 
with regards to his so-called philandering.  
The real Ben, 
the real man, emphasized 
the importance of real marriage]

It's because we love marriage, family, and what it stands for (feel free to throw in the fruit cake and the Jello-mold, too).  That's all folks.

Make it a Good Day, G

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