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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear America,

"How can limited government and fiscal restraint
 be equated with lack of compassion for the poor? 
How can a tax break that puts a little money
in the weekly paychecks of working people
be seen as an attack on the needy? 
Since when do we in America believe
 that our society is made up of
two diametrically, opposed classes
-- one rich, one poor --
both in a permanent state of conflict
and neither able to get ahead
except at the expense of the other? 
Since when do we in America accept this alien
and discredited theory of social and class warfare? 
Since when do we in America endorse the politics of envy and division?

Ronald Reagan

The "politics of envy and division." 

Unfortunately, this describes rather precisely the very nature of our current administration; the values of the liberal elite in charge under the new age of the Statist's rule -- over the values of the majority of Americans who continue to live somewhere right from center -- while conservatively speaking, a simple majority that it is -- ever so loyal to our founders, our Constitution, and the liberty for which we all stand.

Somehow, after electing the one man we thought would bring about the change we could all believe in -- promising hope, winning upon a platform of transparency -- guaranteeing to us the American people, that he was the one to entrust our country, in order to restore order in Washington, clean up corruption, and begin telling the American people the truth -- he was the one.  He was the one who convinced us, that from day one, he would be the one to go line by line to cut unnecessary spending and fraud and wasteful earmarks.  He was the one who would be different, he promised.

between the early days going around the world apologizing for America's exceptionalism, birthed naturally from the stark realities of the last two hundred and thirty eight years, and going about "restoring" the world's confidences in us by belittling who we are...

by masking our greatness and ability to defend democracy all over the globe under the veil of bowing to the envy of other nations...

 and for all intents and purposes mocking our Judeo-Christian roots which, of all things considered, have directly anchored our country through unprecedented challenges and periods of remarkable prosperity, advancing this nation to the position of the leader in the free world -- over a seemingly very short period of time, I might add...

All this, having been accomplished after the regime change within the first few months.

taking our attention inward, little by little, he expanded the demoralizing of America by separating us.

Of course, some might say this started on day one as well -- when he divided Americans over Gitmo, declaring he would close the military prison within his first year.  Immediately, it was a case of Bush vs. Obama, the war vs. Obama, the military tribunals vs. civilian rights, 9/11 victims vs. terrorism, you name it, he divided it, piece by piece.

Then, we had the white officer vs. black professor incident -- he should have left it alone, but nooooooooo, a president "acting stupidly" divided blacks and whites from Harvard to UCLA; so much so, that there was a beer summit to smooth relations over -- but really, the damage was done, just like that.

And who could forget the deep divide created by the fact that he painstakingly didn't jump to any conclusions after the Ft. Hood attack -- done all in the name of Allah Akbar, at the hands of a disgruntled Army Psychiatrist with a history of making his obscene radical Islamic views widely known -- committing thirteen counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder all in the name of Allah Akbar! -- oh my mistake, the man made disaster that it was.  In the middle of two wars against the brutal reign of terrorism in the Middle East, and against the Americans from 9/11, did we watch our President rise up to meet it with full disdain right from the start? nooooooooooo.

Then, there was last summer -- far be it from a summer of love; able bodied simple Americans, with the energy and will to fight the good fight against an administration and congress gone terribly wrong, were quickly labeled all kinds of derogatory names just because they attended town hall meetings in droves to speak up against universal health care.  Oh let's see...what were they called...racists, Nazis, teabaggers, astro-turf...and so it begins.  Aside from it being uncomfortable for him, did our president speak up on behalf of one of America's best and brightest founding tenets, the freedom to speak freely? Oh allow me to answer that for you...nooooooo.

How about we run through a list of dividers, not uniters, rather quickly:

  • Banking (aka capitalism, free enterprise, people with paychecks) vs. (ignoring the main culprit for the downfall, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac),  the poor
  • Health Insurance (aka the evil 3% profit margin insurance lobbyists -- along with fraudulent doctors, hospitals, drug companies to name a few -- in the country world-renowned for the best health care in the world -- where also 85% of the people were somewhat happy with -- until the debate opened a sinkhole the size of Texas) vs. the poor
  • Pitting Wall Street against Main Street, when all streets should meet at the same place vs. the poor
  • Chamber of Commerce, small businesses far and wide vs. the world, definitely Obamacare, the poor

And let's add a few regional issues -- remember now, we are talking about this Administration's penchant for division:

  • The building of a mosque at ground zero, Muslims vs. New Yorkers specifically, most Americans, generally...did Obama jump in to temper the conversation in support for America, as a whole?
  • The trial of 9/11 terrorists in New York, Muslims vs New Yorkers specifically, most Americans, generally...did Obama jump in to temper the conversation in support for America, as whole? 
  • The oil companies -- specifically BP vs. fishermen, the Gulf States, and anyone who truly cares about the environment -- which argumentatively by a few liberal elites and against all secular thought, is all of us, even conservatives; but the point is, Oil Companies are very very bad...perhaps even criminals...even still, politics over clean up is the choice being made from day one, and as we speak.
  • The new Arizona law vs. The Fed, Hispanics in general, The Fed, the disenfranchised, The Fed, unions, The Fed, boycott cities, The Fed, oh yeah, and the poor -- when in fact, it protects from racial profiling better then the Fed's own laws -- when in fact, the Fed refuses to engage with this issue fully nor take full responsibility for it coming to this in the first place.

"The bottom line with every example boils down to this. Entrusting a viable banking system, or safer oil drilling, much less your healthcare, to government is taking a bigger risk at a higher cost than anyone realizes." --radio talk-show host Roger Hedgecock

That little gem was found in The Patriot Post today:
(recommend going to The Patriot Post http://www.patriotpost.us/subscribe/  as often as you can.)

But moving on,
Obama had a umpteen chances to be different, to follow through on his pledge  -- to bring the nation's political divide together in every one of the above occasions.  Obama could have chosen to make each and every situation an example of the new age of diplomacy and show us how the American spirit can rise above petty political differences.
Instead, we watch a President, time and time again, side with ideology above what is best for the country.

Instead of making things an American concern, an act of American protectionism, an avenue bringing the community together for the common cause of securing our peace, perhaps starting with our borders, we get more of the same -- let's see how many more times, and in how many more ways, can we split. 

Instead, he invited Calderon to speak in front of congress to a standing ovation while blasting our efforts to protect human rights everywhere -- especially Mexico's mass exodus of illegals to U.S., and as he continued to attack a sitting Governor and a law that conforms to our federal law, while basically telling us, if we weren't a nation of drug addicts and gun owners none of this ever would have happened...

Rising to a situation pitting an entire nation of law abiding immigrants against those who don't just like that; rising to another situation pitting the haves against the have-nots, again, just like that.

It's a nasty cycle; but I ask you,

"Since when do we in America believe

that our society is made up of
two diametrically, opposed classes
-- one rich, one poor --
both in a permanent state of conflict
and neither able to get ahead
except at the expense of the other?"

Apparently, if you  believe everything you hear, ever since we voted for the guy we have all come to know as the one in charge of everything.
And I, for one, refuse to believe -- either in methodology or ideology -- anything counter to the American Spirit back behind our success. Opposite to popular belief via our mindless media or this progressive administration, our foundation is better than that -- and built to outlive the woeful ignorance seeping into every corner of our world.
We may be under the illusion the worst disaster to ever face America is due to the BP oil spill (not to diminish the fact that it really is), or the "inhumanity" of how we treat our "immigrants", or our audacity to call the actions of radical Islamic terrorism on our soil what it truly is -- but in truth, the worst disaster may be gurgling up from within. 
The cause -- envy and division furnished intravenously from our federal government, with gutless enablers to our dysfunction coming from our propaganda press; the effects --- separation anxiety, migraines, name calling, loss of work and plenty of violent outbursts, making way for a whole lot more envy and division -- thoughts of suicide, shortness of breath, heart attack and depression, may be a sign of worsening -- call someone who cares or seek out the cure.
The cure --remembering we are AMERICANS first and foremost;
and with that, we each have a duty and responsibility to raise little Americans to live in community with one another, to try our darnedest to be good Americans ourselves, and learn the importance of uniting against a government built upon tyranny of all kinds, in all kinds of places, seen and unseen, and subject to teaching fallacies and misrepresentation of the facts with wanton disregard -- rather than one built up and beholdened to the land of liberty and justice for all, the foundation from which we are made. 
(if you need a little help, go to the http://www.the912project.com/)
We are neither "opposed classes, one rich, one poor" -- we are simply one; our ONENESS is what we have in common, and the place we start -- or finish, rather abrubtly, if we aren't mindful of the cure.

For we are the UNITED States of America, you know.
Make it a Good Day, G

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