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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear America,

Let GO Your EGO

We can't fix our problems coming from a position of ego; it simply doesn't work.

When our approach to life is self-conscious, coming from 'what's in it for me' or 'how is this gonna look', we hinder our true ability for success every time.  In light of where we are at with this Gulf Oil Spill, what needs to have a good a** kicking is really our ego (well, not really yours, or mine) -- right out the door.

Over the course of the last 56 days...we have watched the antics of both BP and BO both masquerade as being "the one" in control, attempting to reassure every American that we will overcome, while at the same time, vying for position to capitalize on the catastrophe and gain our confidences.  It's as if we've been hearing each of them say to us,

'I'm in charge' 

'No, I'm in charge' 

'I'm gonna kick your a** '

'I'm in charge,'

'No, I'm in charge.'

Now get out of my way...'

EGO has been running so deep, that neither our POTUS or the CEO of BP have sat down together (rumor has it, that will take place tomorrow).

EGO has been so huge, our POTUS hasn't even picked up the phone to talk to the CEO -- whether it was upon day one, as in extending his condolences and concerns to a company thrust into mayhem -- or at anytime that has followed, if only to impress upon them the need for speed, confer plans, or make way for government intervention.  No personal contact was made from our president to their president whatsoever...huh? ?  ?

It was as if EGO told the president to tell the Dutch, 'no thank you, we don't need your help' -- when they offered a fleet of skimmers.

It was as if EGO told the president to drum up a "bi-partisan" investigation, to capitalize on all the ways deep oil rigging compromises the security of our environment, and to recommend the hundred and one reasons we need to refrain from this kind of perilous activity in the future, and in the end (in as much as six months from now), justify making knee jerk solutions -- so that we never have to live through this again.

It was as if EGO told the president to send in the Attorney General first and ask questions later.

It was as if EGO told the president to allow for weeks to go by, when in fact burns and berms and booms were just waiting in the wings waiting for approval from the one in charge since day one -- all the while, natural materials just chomping at the bit for their opportunity to save the day sat on the shore.

It was as if EGO told the president to treat BP like the villain, when in fact, America relies on their expertise and bank roll; if BP goes down in flames or shame, recovery not only suffers, it becomes our financial burden to boot entirely; then what?

Of course, we voted for the EGO back behind the man -- albeit, only distinguishable from far, far away, under the setting of a stage and campaign promises.  The elevation of a contender for office works well for the underpinnings of a larger than life EGO; it works in one's favor really -- in the Executive Office, not so much.

Truth is, EGO is never enough when coupled with lack of experience; it may appear to come out fighting; it may give the illusion of being in control; but in the great scheme of things, if EGO is not safely sequestered to the last resort (and only to save a life),  relegating solid, executive order higher management to take the helm, then we are altogether functioning from the wrong intention.

I am reminded by one of science's absolutes, as deciphered through the teachings of Wayne Dyer-- when he emerges with the idea that "the Law of Floatation was not discovered through the contemplation of the sinking of things;" for, to be perfectly clear, boats are made from stuff that indisputably does not float... 

So how in the world? 

Through the balance of what is seen and unseen, by a natural law that in and of itself appears to look like nothing at all, by the displacement of the tangible with the intangible -- the free flow of air and space, gallivanting in the galleys, keeps a boat afloat.

Only by harnessing the harmony of the raw material -- combining that which would otherwise be deemed titanic assumptions based on defeat, with something so rudimentary as a balance of space through the simple displacement of water --  success is achieved.  Something floats, when in fact it is made out of things which do not float.

During the campaign, America was lifted up by the ideas surrounding a candidate of hope and change. The belief that hope floats entered a whole new realm of being; it was contagious, and pervasive, reaching tidal wave proportions. 

The thing is, returning to the Gulf today, our president seems uncharacteristically more focused on the ways BP is sinking, all the while -- with his lack of foresight and business acumen, and ego leading the way --America is being commissioned to go down along with it. 

If for a moment we could take into account the same law of floatation, if you will --  how does this approach from our leader neither serve or hold us steady, let alone keep as afloat?

To best connect with the solutions that truly float, BO must find a way to harmonize with BP, using all raw materials available, communing each to it's highest and best good -- not in response to worst case scenario or lowest common denominator of probable outcomes:

  • instead of going against the tide, we must step into the flow of all hands on deck;
  • instead of seeking to punish or criminalize, we must act in accordance with how may I help, first and foremost;
  • instead of trying to sink BP dividends and reinforce bad will between a long time ally and staunch supporter, we must come together for the benefit of all economies involved;
  • instead of demonizing oil companies that provide for the American way of life, we must elevate the need to use our power and resources all the more wisely without dismantling an entire American industry, and jeopardizing our future;  
  • instead of turning away any and all offers to help, we must open up the channels for every living soul with a boat, and time on their hands to do something, out loose to trap, cajole, suck up, and harness every drop of oil out there, for time is of the essence.
  • instead of blaming the past for mistakes of the present, take command of the response to save the future; leaders are needed to lead in courage, in action (and anyway, talk is cheap, a sign of weakness when not backed with due diligence).
We know when our ego is out of whack by how we feel; when simply uncomfortable and uneasy, our higher self is speaking to us; when we are angry and lash out -- when we live in fear, worry or wretched discontent -- our deeper teacher is alerting us to step aside; but if our intentions are pure and if the solution feels good -- all anxiety ceases immediately -- our ease and clarity becomes a tell-tale sign that we are riding the right wave, we are heading in the right direction and that it bears the right conditions for a true beacon of hope to see us through.

The challenge is best described by how well we flow with one another, not against; our enterprising ideas coupled with the natural resources we are surrounded with (in people and material) work best when we capitalize on the laws of harmony and floatation; when we jump into the flow with a spirit of how can we assist each other, answers are made manifest that would not otherwise have been recognized -- as the needs of an overzealous ego would surely have stood in their way, wanting credit or achievement in vain.

As we embrace the character that has made America, the story of US has managed to stay afloat by our inherent ability to use what is seen and unseen to the highest and best use.  We give, we make, we do, we live, we accomplish, we create by uniting in the spirit that emanates from the Source of all creation.  "The things we make, make us" (ode to the new Jeep ad) -- the principles we uphold, sustain us -- the foundation of a country based entirely upon the values of 'how may I assist',  lift us, and keep us buoyant and steady at the wheel.

Individually, and collectively, we have a duty to each other to find our way to stay afloat according to our highest and best good; perhaps if we looked to wanting more for others than what we want for ourselves might be a place to start...practicing random acts of kindness, of humility, of generosity, of grace...

Every day in America reinforces the balance of freedom to choose our response, with the structure of that which holds us all together.

To be captain of America takes experience, indeed -- but more than that, it takes someone aligned with the natural law that permeates through her floor boards, ingrained with the wealth of understanding of where we have been and what we are made, while holding true to the explicit commitment, from inaugural day forward, with hand on the Bible, to stay the course.  From this point onward, a moral compass and North Star may be all one really needs, to lead.

Make it a Good Day, G

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