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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear America,

It's another "day after;" nothing like a State of the Union from a wanna-be progressive trying to act like a Democrat who's most magnanimous applause comes from hearing Republican ideals -- tax cuts, exploring nuclear power - offshore drilling - clean coal energy, freeze on spending, and the ever so rousing appeal of an anti-lobbyist/anti-earmark campaign.

The good news, we can all be rest assured our President has "never been more hopeful about America's future before tonight."

Even if we, the people, are confused in figuring out how the 700 Billion in the Recovery Act and 787  862 Billion (adj. for the real change factor) in the Stimulus Plan can, in the end, equate to tax cuts we can all believe in;

even if we, the people, are still perplexed by the scale and damage of the last twelve months of selling ourselves short on health care legislation (and for all intents and purposes forgetting about jobs),  by (not) watching the escapades behind closed doors (with republicans not allowed), with Obama and his entire crew ignoring criticism (at town hall meetings and otherwise), can, in the end, equate to the flat response "I don't quit" no matter what the circustances;

even if we, the people, watch him increase government spending by almost 25% in the first year, can, in the end, equate to finding our fearless leader practicing without a license and prescribing a spending freeze -- oh, but not starting until 2011 -- amounting to an ounce of prevention after a gluttony of overeating, when in fact what we really need is the lap-band across the board.

even if we, the people, hear him chastise the banks and the system too big to fail, which warranted extreme measures by pulling a Robin Hood on the good ole taxpayer, entrusting the system to be bailed out and ultimately reap a return from our investment, can, in the end, equate to, whoa, hold up, let's use the monies we promised you in return to create a new jobs bill....one that is shiny and red and may cost billions more... um... one that isn't like the last one...um... as that one didn't work so much...trust me, we know what we're doing....even though we have a Treasure Secretary and a Chairman of the Federal Reserve just waiting in the town square to hear of their own demise as we speak.

ah but "I want a new jobs bill on my desk without delay!" said the king.

We, the people, had to be reminded last night -- as somehow it had escaped us over the last twelve months -- that we were still in fact looking at "change we can believe in." 

We had to be reminded that He was not really of Washington, that He's not like the other guys (and dolls),  that He was -- and IS still -- an outsider just like you and me.  Oh that Washington, it is "noisy and messy and complicated" -- and you little people out there have no idea how hard it is for me to do my shape-shifting and redistribution in the midst of such division; the petty displays, the lack of true character, and the constant campaign mode running rampant in the halls of congress (looking left) -- it must all come to an end -- and that goes for my fellow democrats as well (looking right).

He came in on the dream of bringing partisan politics to a standstill -- only for us to watch him shun the right at every turn, close the door to real change, and leave all hope for a new era of governing strewn across the front lawn.  After a year of watching this happen day in and day out, he thinks he can convince us that he is serious this time?  Who is he trying to kid?  Is congress really going to listen to the guy who runs on a do-as-I say-not-as-I do 24/7 campaign, bringing back his Hope and Change Commander in Chief, David Plouffe, for extra help?  Interesting to note the similarities of an article written by Mr. Plouffe for the Washington Post on January 24th...it's like Obama copied him or something. 

One thing that made me raise an eyebrow was the comment "I do not accept second place for the United States of America" -- what is that?  Air America to Obama, they could figure out a way to land a factory on the moon and still pay their people two cents an hour, but there will never be a day when we feel second to China -- never.  That's just a mindset that cannot be destroyed, but apparently must be taught at a very young age, otherwise, this American President of ours would get that.  

But now if we could just figure out a way to own our own real estate, collateralize our dollar with something worth it's weight in gold perhaps, and strip the federal government of most of it's bad habits and regulations and entitlements and perpetual blank check spending we might just resume the number one spot in the eyes of our leader, as that seems to be the root of our failure -- no allegiance and no respect only breeds more no allegiance and no respect.

In the end, he just doesn't get that the American people put BIG government in the same light as BIG banks right now; how Barack Hussein Obama has personally and actively handled the job as CEO and President is part of the problem and Americans are rather disenchanted with anything that equates to more growth, more expense, unknown costs, and unknown liabilities, all the while taking the power of the people away. (hey, and whattup with that dig on the Supreme Court...they're right there and they can hear you...)

Things just keep coming back to me like, "let me be clear, I am not interested in running GM"...and then running it; "I am not interested in taking over insurance companies."  "I'm not interested in punishing banks." "I didn't say it had to be universal health care." "This is where I differ from John McCain, I don't believe in a spending freeze across the board." 

"Now, I know Wall Street isn't keen on this idea, but if these firms can afford to hand out big bonuses again, they can afford a modest fee to pay back the taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need."  (he said last night) -- but really, you taxpayers can't have it either, on second thought I think we need to give that money to small community banks instead, so that they can in turn loan it to those companies who expand or increase wages. 

Control. Regulate.  Control.  Regulate. Punish.  Fine. Tax Break.  Regulate. Control...that's how government works and the people don't.

"Now, I know that some in my own party will argue that we can't address the deficit or freeze government spending when so many are still hurting. And I agree, which is why this freeze won't take effect until next year, when the economy is stronger. That's how budgeting works." 


Governor Bob McDonnell gave the customary rebuttal immediately following the State of the Dysfunction and pointed out the real "common sense" solutions (why it is so funny to hear Obama say those words last night, I don't know...)

Beginning with the first priority:  RESTORE proper limited government at every level.

One of his finest lines of the short response was a reminder from our founding fathers, saying :

"A government closest to the people governs best."

I would imagine McDonnell went to work this morning preparing to be the first to drill off the state of Virginia before the President changes his mind.  While last night, he laid out immediate no fault solutions to health care that wouldn't cost a dime -- other than the embarrassment of taking a year to do something with nothing to show for it -- and without it taking 200 attorneys and 2000 pages of legislation that nobody truly understands for trillions of dollars; and added the simple truth, and cornerstone of this nation, that "no government program can ever replace people caring for another" -- a little concept we Americans embrace every day.

And more real common sense ideas can be found at: http://www.solutions.gop.gov/

To say there was disappointment when Obama did not acknowledge the two officers, Sgt's. Munley and Todd -- who stopped Nadal Malik Hasan -- after they were expressly invited to sit next to Michelle is probably an understatement, maybe that's just G.  Did he mention Fort Hood or the Christmas Day bomber at all? Given the issues as to how we responded, the subsequent reporting of what happened, and how we intend to provide a couple of terrorists an opportunity to defend themselves in civilian courts,  I guess I would avoid it at all costs, too. 

Granted, it isn't a pleasant conversation to have with the American people, I know, but was this just an attempt to forget that it ever happened?  I would bet terrorists were listening somewhere in the hills of Afghanistan or streets of Yemen and hanging on his every word -- or maybe they have already figured this president out and didn't believe anything earth shattering would change. Time will tell. 

I think what pleased G most last night was the clear limitation of the use of his favorite phrases:

"Let me be clear"
"Make no mistake"
"I inherited"

He's getting more clever, I guess, in saying the same thing but different; in the end, this may equate to a one-term president of mediocrity with a lot of pomp, Plouffe, campaign and circumstance -- all he needs is a wig.

Make it a Good Day, G

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