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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear America,

I don't understand what the fuss is about.

This recent declaration of the Supreme Court to allow corporations and everyday business to people put their money where their mouth is is totally fair; and the biggest joke in all of it is listening to Obamasan take issue.

I'm sure like many of you, we pay attention to where the money goes all the time -- and one of my favorite things to do is comparing apples to apples in the marketplace...

Things like, in the first two weeks since the earthquake in Haiti, Americans donated 137 million to The Red Cross; in the opening weekend to Avatar, total revenue reached 236 million -- and as I took my girl to school this morning, heard that it has reached 553 million dollars to date; in the upcoming Super Bowl, a typical 30-second ad spot will cost Coca-Cola nearly 2.8 million dollars -- and total ad revenue in last year's football extravaganza came to a whopping 213 million dollars.

Of course, all this made G want to bounce around the net to see how campaign donations were spread around in the last 2008 elections; we shouldn't be surprised that the list of the top twenty organizations who gave generously were nearly all UNIONS.  Oh sure, some bankers were thrown in -- Goldman Sachs and Citigroup were both right up there. 

And low and behold, which party took the dominating share?  The Democrats -- taking at least 90% of all Union dollars.  Even a look over the last twenty years, Goldman Sachs has averaged 64% of contributions to the Democrats and Citigroup 63% ; while Companies like Time Warner, 81%; Walt Disney, 67%; while there is an organization simply titled "The National Committee for Effective Congress" which gives nearly 99% entirely to the democratic party -- somebody should look into that.

One thing worthy of noting, UPS has generally donated 63% towards the republican party -- so, for those of you who have read me lately, the question  of "what can Brown do for you" really is taken to a whole 'nother level, isn't it? 

But is it just me that wonders why Obama would wanna go down this road?  Seriously?

Averaging over 90% of all funds going to the donkeys:
  • NEA -- National Education Association, the nation's oldest and largest teacher's union
  • America Federation of State/County/Municipal Employees Union
  • SEIU -- Andy Stern's Service Employees International Union, and one of Obama's favorite White House visitors, as well as the fastest growing member of the AFL-CIO.
  • Laborer's Union
  • United Auto Workers
  •  United Food & Commercial Workers Union
  • Communications Workers of America
  • American Association for Justice (attorneys?  really?)
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • Teamsters Union
  • to name a few...
Peruse for yourself by going to http://www.opensecrets.org/
Go into the tab featuring "Influences and Lobbying" to start, then follow along into what they call the "heavy hitters" -- cheap thrills all the way around.

For me, it is bad enough discovering that Disney gave two-thirds of it's campaign dollars to the democrats in 2008, but realizing just how incredibly connected the unions are, in not only policy but in actual dollars, to this president is mind blowing; the audacity for him to say a word about the ramifications of the recent court decision is simply astounding.

I had always heard the unions were in bed with the democrats, but seeing it for myself, looking at the real numbers, the millions of dollars blatantly funneled into the party of collectivization and redistribution -- it just makes me ill.

Of course, it goes without saying but will say it anyway, this makes the upcoming State of the Union address all that more apropos and frightening at the same time.

Leaked to the press have been a few key areas ObamaHoffa will be hitting on in his address -- creating jobs, addressing the deficit, helping the middle class, and changing Washington.  Hmmm, with all due respect, where have we heard this before?  But I digress.

If he dares to go there -- at a time when so many campaign promises paid for by unions and broken by the actions of the last year are still fresh -- in order for him to do this successfully, he will need to convince most of us that 2009 never happened and quickly segue into pushing the reset button for 2010.  IF his arrogance is left at the lunch counter enjoying a piece of humble pie with Vinny,  he may be able to pull it off, otherwise, bring on the chicken fried steak, as he is toast.

What are the chances he will change his tune and simply be grateful for all business still alive and breathing on the wake of recession and a nation on the brink of utter disaster?  What will it take for him to admit that all business, even if it's in the making of a movie that disparages capitalism like Avatar, is essential and part of a nation rebuilding?  How bad does it have to get for him to understand it is American business, large and small --  and compassionate individuals, famous or not, who find it in their heart to donate to The Red Cross, whether it is in a ten dollar text message or writing a million dollar check?  What are the chances for him to recognize that whether it comes from a union boss or a CEO, our political system has always allowed for individuals to come together to voice opinions, make policy, and perhaps even change a little history -- what is so threatening about that?

The beauty of living in a free country is all of this.

America is still a shining example of how money makes the world go round every day -- we need to learn to revel in it, save it, spend it, build business with it, support our neighbors with it, and respect it -- but most of all, we must protect it by continuing to honor the natural principles at play and allow it to flow free.

It is my choice to spend it on a stupid movie like Avatar -- or not.
It is my choice to give it graciously to The Red Cross, or my church, or the homeless man on the corner -- or not.
It is my choice to give it to this candidate, or that, depending upon the convergence of values we hold dear, whether it comes packaged under union dues or a corporate umbrella -- or not.
It is my choice to be part of the millions dollars pouring into the city of Miami as we speak-- to watch the Colts, of course -- or stay in the comfort of my own home trying the new Dominoes pizza instead -- or not.

Hey, and speaking of making last ditch sales pitches, Obama could very well learn something from Dominoes -- here they are trying to capitalize on an entirely new campaign -- selling their new recipe for success based on how much their old pizza sucked!  Only in America.

The thing is, we can't make people do anything when it comes to spending our own dough; we may be able to influence another, but we sure can't control them;  government may establish laws and regulation, but they sure can't change the rules haphazardly or give one economic machine more power over another.  But in any case and like any other commodity worth it's salt, once it's gone, it's gone.

The mistakes we learn, as individuals and collectively as a nation, about the value of money itself, paired with our freedom to spend it, invest it, lose it, give it away or save it for a rainy day come with a high price and a great responsibility.

95 million viewers will be watching 213 million dollars sell everything from pizza to beer to soda-pop to shipping during a four hour football game on February 7, 2010. 

How many viewers will be watching our President come Wednesday to try to sell us on another year of ObamaAmbitions?
How many will skip it and take in a movie?
How many will be leaving on a jet plane to Haiti?
How many will be missing it -- as they have to work late at that nasty corporate office, probably a bank?
How many will be making a movie dissing the benefits of free enterprise and capitalism -- making the working people pay way too much to see it when it's done, allowing actors like Bradgelina drop one million dollars to Haiti on the fly?

Only in America.

It's a good thing the President has a little longer than 30-seconds -- or maybe not --
but only those of us who watch it will find out.

Make it a Good Day, G

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