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Monday, January 18, 2016

It's Oh How a Girl Can Dream Thing

Dear America,

now this was a good day for America and in American history for all Americans.

In a comment read below the YouTube post, "before he died so tragically, God was one hell of a speech writer."

God moves us to do great things, no?  From the big things to the little things, every single moment in every single day lays the infinite possibility of greatness inside each and every one of us.

Did the honorable Martin Luther King Jr. realize just how great thou art in that moment?  Did he rise up that beautiful summer morning to tell the world something that would be retold over and over and over again -- from the school house to the congregation, from the Oval Office to the Congress, from the ghetto to suburbia, to the mountaintops to the prairie, from sea to shining sea?

He awoke -- and dare I even invoke that I really know a lick about how he really felt -- but he awoke with something good to say to the people of this country....all of us.  He awoke with full intent to speak his truth from his heart and it resonated -- instantly.

And it connected Us, one by one, like a chain of electricity; and it sparked a universal dream inside a generation so vivid, so bright, so hopeful, it organically generated the momentum to take it from that lowly morn of August 28, 1963 well into the next generation, and even the next.  And trust it will live on forever.

Like most of us perhaps, who listen from a different place and time within our own hearts and minds  -- if it weren't for the plethora of well documented archives on the world wide web and in libraries.  the speech seems to almost change,

The speech never changes.

It simply is.

In today's lingo, it's like a snapchat of  its time that never falls away.  Chock full of an infinite life force of its own, it keeps appearing before us with new insight, as if with a bounding spirit of an evolution of a dream.  It twirls and swirls around a culture that never stands still.

In this day, little g is amazed with just HOW MUCH our dear Reverend invoked the Spirit of God. The Atheists of our day must just listen and die a thousand deaths, pledging to take the very speech to court, being on the steps of  the Lincoln Memorial and all.  Just who signed off to give the good pastor that kind of freedom?   To exercise his religion...on government soil, no less?  Thank God anything built on government land, every government building, every government anything is solely owned by, and of, and for, the people.   The PEOPLE govern the government, lest we forget.  And we do.  But heaven's to betsy ross that's for another day....

I believe America's good pastor would agree with me when I say that the further this nation falls away from being a culture invoking God in the town square, and more important, living by God's love and the Holy Spirit working within and around and through us in the every day in free abandon as our Constitution intended -- the more our culture fails us, and falls into a certain depravity, revealing that which is not good, or just, or kind, or content in the very least.

This current state of the union -- in such disarray as it is -- is by no means, un-explanatory.  Surely a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. could put it to words and set us straight.

The thing is, our soul-less children become proud owners of a soul-less society; and without soul, we die a shameful, wrongful, corrupted death three hundred million times over, taking along the infinite possibility for anyone's dream to come true.

Don't hate; it's just true.

For today, however, let us stop and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. for all that he is in this moment and for every moment he lived; in hindsight, and in wistful yearning of a dream for America,  his life experiences and personal choices and great wisdom gave America a true king, of sorts.  Hallelujah and praise the Lord for His benevolence -- for granting us a time for such greatness to waltz in as if upon angel's wings and give us something to reflect upon from now until the end of time.  The loss of an entire lifetime worthy of greatness, let us not linger and lament the what if's....for that might just make us all go a wee bit cuckoo.

Little g was all of one when he gave his I have a Dream speech.  It would be many years later before I began to really hear it for the very first time; and still, many years after that before my reflections upon it would one day become elevated to a certain stature equal to the occasion in American history. It's what nature would call a natural progression. Nevertheless, the Spirit inside me has continued to enliven my hope for mankind and grows stronger in each passing year.

But please don't misconstrue.  My natural progression of a dream is of no importance of the very moment we have standing before us today.  Dr. King, a young Martin Luther King, Jr., was born January 15, 1929, they say some time about noon -- and it is this day we are honoring, today and forever (or for ever how long America stands).  He would have had eighty-seven candles on his cake and an entire nation singing Happy Birthday in splendid unison, of course.

oh how a girl can dream

make it a good day, g

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