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Monday, January 11, 2016

It's a Bud to Blossom Thing

Dear America,

happy new year

here's the first thing --

"There came a time when 
the risk to remain 
tight in the bud 
was more painful
 than the risk
 it took to blossom."  

Anais Nin

As in each new year that comes upon us, 2016 bursts with possibilities.

Dynamic layers of risk and reward run circles around us -- if not, through us -- mixing natural progression, free will, personal choices, a good dose of hard work, and if so inclined, prayers...lots and lots of prayers.

But the thing is, we can't sit still.

We must activate the forces by our intentions, added to movement, and elevated by thrill of doing something good, worthy, right, and honest with our lives and our fortunes. 

Oh and to get to that point of blossom!

How magnificent.

...especially realizing what it took to arrive at such a place and perhaps breathe for the very first time.

To the outside world, the sudden overnight success never quite captures what all came before the wee little bud opened up for all the world to see.  

Which brings me to the second thing...

It feels as if so many Americans have forgotten what it took to get here and likewise, what it will take to keep this place in time, the shining city on the hill; we seem to walk around oblivious to the obligation at hand to keep our commitments and do our duty... to God and to Country...for not only ourselves but for the health and welfare of all Americans.

The first two hundred years have proven the strength and stability that only arises from a nation intent to raise our standards in each new year, allowing the elements of self-reliance and liberty and justice to pulse through the veins of every American to go out and DO great things.  Dependence upon the government, for anything but the Armed Forces, was just not our way.  Yes, the risk was (is) great.

Through my membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution, every monthly meeting brings a story of the early life before America.  The Saturday breakfast buffet this past weekend came with a side of George Washington leading the rebellion against the English forces. We learned of the special crafting of the linen tents in which they slept, if they could sleep at all.  The most amazing thing about these "pop-tents" was the fact that they could keep the men dry even in the heaviest of rains -- so long as nobody touched the side.  One brush, one poke against the side, and it was all over.  And these were small tents, hosting a handful of troops in each one.

Here's my third and final thing on the day:

It's as if my perceptions have grown into sensing an overwhelming sense of betrayal, thinking -- 'and so George, along with the thousands and thousands of men and women revolutionaries, gave freely of their lives and fortunes for this?!'

George Washington would be shocked to discover the trillions in debt this 2016.

George Washington would be disheartened to discover the secular culture falling away from the Divine in this 2016.

George Washington would be mystified to discover the growing government undermining the very precepts and principles of Nature's Law, cornerstones of the budding nation that blossomed into America, the shining Republic on the hill...this 2016.

George Washington would be mortified by the possibility of such a wacko in either a Bernie Sanders or a Hillary Clinton having half a chance of becoming the next president...in this 2016.  It's like 'are you freaking kidding me?' he might even say, hastily acclimating to the day's low standards of communication without skipping a beat.

Suffice it to say, 2016 is squarely meeting up with a Revolution of a new age.

"There came a time when 
the risk to remain 
tight in the bud 
was more painful
 than the risk
 it took to blossom." 

Back behind the struggle, the risk, the pain, good things are in the making.  We must believe in the triumph of good over evil.  

It's a creation thing -- from bud to blossom and back again.  This is good time to check our own self-rule, our own self-reliance, upon our own place in the sun that revels within this shining city on the hill.

All things are possible.

Things are this great.

Our Individual Duty is significant and prodigious and back in high demand.

Make it a Good Day, G

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