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Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Who is Being Naive, America ...It's an Un-checked Contagion Thing

Dear America,

so don't we all love technology...

until it sucks.

Oh yes, says the girl who refuses to get a smart phone...

Frustrated is the day everything breaks.  And when I say "everything" -- I mean, my every thing, my life, my love, my blog, my connection to the world and to the people I adore ... my computer; it's the everything that makes it possible to make all things, and any possible thing, go boom. 

And as ponder what I just said, I feel like I'm channeling 'Charlie' of the AT&T commercials.  when he says, "I know, I can't imagine living without it...it's a place people come, to share knowledge and ideas..."  just before his jaw drops at the number of likes on his selfie...[ a hundred, btw].   The old gthing can so relate.

Actually, let me take that back; I can't relate -- as a hundred likes has never happened on anything I've posted.   It would make my jaw drop, too.  But I digress.

gosh, I love him.  He had me at "did it hurt?...when you fell from heaven"...

But to save the day here, let's move on.org.

I believe the last thing we talked about was the latest illumination of a "new" terrorist group:  the Khorasan Group.

At the time, if you recall, little g was somewhat mocking it's arrival on the news front, thinking it sounded more like a Hedge Fund.   Turns out -- little g wasn't that far off, now was she?

As you say, what?  

stop speaking in tongues and explain yourself...

okay.  I WILL.  And more than that, I will count on somebody else to do it --  somebody with the brass and access to the intelligence and the personal background, to say so.   So take that and read THIS: The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist.  [It's been talked about and shared all over the internet for days now...And it explains just about everything.  Enjoy.]

It's painful, isn't it?

It's painful having all this knowledge at out fingertips and with very little power to do anything about it.

Did you know that within Obama's United Nations speech he applauded a controversial Muslim Cleric?

Cue, The Washington Free Beacon's Adam Kredo, who brings tidings of sweet alarm in his post, Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing U.S. Soldiers.


Now don't you think somebody else -- somebody other than me --  as in our president --  has some esplainin' to do?

There are not words, there is no explaining your way out of that one, Mr. President.  But is anyone going to really call him out on it?

Interesting is Steve Wynn's attempt at calling out the fraud.

Recently interviewed, Wynn basically said on NBC News that he is "stunned at the immaturity of this administration...since '08...we elected a man as president who had no experience on anything -- nothing --what did you expect? "

And my reply:


And all of a sudden Micheal Corleone is ringing in my ear..."oh. Who's being naive, Kay?"

Oh. Who's being naive, Steve?

Barack Obama being UNqualified, UNprepared, UNvetted, and IN-experienced in just about everything, with NO record (scratch that, make that an edited record, of bad sorts) made him the all too marketable, priceless, invaluable tool to the whole. And when I say "whole" -- we are talking about The Left ----- the super pac powerful, think tank supplied, George Soros sourced, mainstream media politicized and supported,  progressively undermining, take down of everything AMERICAN... the brash, asinine, we can only "co-exist" if you are Left, Left.

His "immaturity" that you speak --if we can all agree to disagree to call it that -- was an advantage.

He is the face for The Left to make it all possible.

He's the hardware to make all the software behind the scenes to make the change, to make the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION all possible, from the roots.

No, no, I got it.

Obama is the ebola of our time in American government; he is the face of an UN-checked contagion.  He is the face of a virus infecting all of us -- his administration is destroying not only the very foundation from which this country stands, he is infiltrating every facet of our lives and livelihood and making us, as a nation, completely, recklessly, unconscionably, ill to the point, quite possibly, of no return.

There is one more thing I encourage you to read today.

It just might explain how easily the fraud is all getting done, and better still, UN-done.

For this we turn to Hillsdale College and it's monthly newsletter, Imprimis: The History and Danger of Administrative Law.  As all newsletters. it is a written adaptation of a speech made by the guest speaker, Philip Hamburger,  Hamburger comes with a qualified, vetted, resume a mile long.

And given I really, really, really want you to read the whole thing, I will do my best not to give it all a way right here and right now. But let's just say, Hamburger makes a few stunning, mature, remarks on the subject of everything Constitutional and everything that's not.  And it's all available on the world wide web for everyone!  Isn't that great!  Isn't it just marvelous!  Isn't the internet wonderful!

Hamburger says at one point, 

I argue that the rise of administrative law is essentially a re-emergence of the absolute power practiced by pre-modern kings.  Rather than a modern necessity, it is a latter day version of a recurring threat -- a threat inherent in human nature and in the temptations of power...

Whereas ordinarily kings bound their subjects through statutes passed by Parliament, when exercising prerogative power they bound subjects through proclamations or decrees -- or what we today call rules and regulations.  Whereas ordinarily kings would repeal old statutes, when exercising prerogative power they issued dispensations and suspensions -- or what we today call waivers.  Whereas ordinarily kings enforced the law through courts of law, when exercising prerogative power they enforced their commands through prerogative courts -- courts such as the King's Council, the Star Chamber, and the High Commission -- or what we today call administrative courts...

AND so on...


Obama is the face of a man with intent to do harm to America, no question in my mind.  He is the face of an highly organized fraud against everything we know and love. 

And this  is not fanaticism speaking.

We are in the midst of unchecked power running a muck...whether discussing the economy, illegal immigration, foreign affairs, healthcare...and it's all about control, absolute control.  It's all about change, fundamental change, transforming America in every way, absolutely.

He made it perfectly clear before he was president; and he has methodically double downed on it in the every day thereafter.  He has continued to use his connections, his position of power, his deep-seated judgement against this country,and virtually every hardware and software known to man and made available to all, to his advantage.

And just in case I haven't made my point :  THIS Administration is the face of a world wide web of deceit in motion and it may just kill us before they are done.

and isn't that just grand.

Make it a Good Day, G

And what the hell is the Senior Adviser to the President of the United States doing on The Good Wife?    How dare you corrupt one of my favorite shows?  Ugh.
Seriously?  How can anyone take this administration seriously when it implants it's propaganda into our day to day like this?  And she wasn't even good!   But thank you... talk about transparency... thank you.  Some of us can see right through the emperor rising and leaving imprints in it's wake.  Kinda like tracking cookies.

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