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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's What in Tar Nation is the Mission Thing

Dear America,

hey. two days in a row. just look at me go.

So... returning to yesterday's topic for a twirl, what caught my eye this morning was this....

Featured on Fox News NY, the AP in Berlin noted that the Defense Minister in Germany -- Ursula -- ASKED for volunteers to fight the highly infectious, deadly, Ebola enemy.  

Fascinating, isn't it?  The different strokes for different folks.

Clearly, the situation warrants considerable thought -- of life and limb, of family and friends, and if one truly wishes to step into harm's way on purpose.  It was nice that she asked first, you know.

But no............... our Commander-In-Chief just deployed 3000 troops without asking a single one of them.  Can you imagine being on that list?

And how about them Jets?

And you know I love my football; but this ain't about that.

Can you believe we have bombed out Syria overnight?

This morning our Commander-In-Chief was pandering to the press and paparazzi for extra recognition on behalf of entering another country, without permission really,  and essentially without any western allies, to bomb it. 

And remember now, last year at this time, we were ready to pounce on Assad for using chemical weapons and then quickly "recalculated."   

Let's just say that for quite some time now, Assad of Syria is has not been our friend, per say.   

Honestly, not sure how I would describe this relationship; anyone?  Perhaps Enemies with Benefits?

I found a section in the Washington Post that pretty much spells it all out for us,..

GO --

This time, the Americans’ target is not Assad, who has managed to cling to his seat in Damascus, but the Islamic State, a onetime al-Qaeda affiliate that has exploited the chaos in Syria to attract a huge flow of recruits, weapons and money.
The Islamic State also represents a mortal threat to Assad and has beaten back his forces on several fronts. The Obama administration has said repeatedly that it would not cooperate with Assad in any way, even though the two sides now share an enemy. As a result, it was unclear how Assad’s armed forces would respond to unauthorized intrusions into Syrian airspace by U.S. warplanes.
The Syrian government has some of the most formidable air defenses in the Middle East. Obama had publicly warned Syria in advance not to interfere with any U.S. operations against the Islamic State, saying the Pentagon would respond forcefully. In the end, U.S. military planners said they expected Assad would stand down and allow them to attack Islamic State targets freely.

So Assad was the target, but now he's not?  Does this mean he gets to stay?

I just love that part where The Post almost gloats of our president  who "publicly warned Syria in advance not to interfere with any U.S. operations against the Islamic State, saying the Pentagon would respond forcefully."

"Respond forcefully" ...like what, like we did a year ago, perhaps?  Right after that "red line" was crossed?

And I still don't get who we are arming exactly.  But what could go wrong there, right?

And hey -- if these FIVE Arab countries are truly supportive of these operations, they should be paying for it.  Lord knows they have way more money than us.    Why is it that our assets are the first to be squandered?

Notable is this part, too:

The Pentagon also has a large number of aircraft stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, a NATO installation. But with the exception of unarmed U.S. surveillance drones based there, Turkish authorities have said they won’t allow the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State from their territory.
So, needless to say, Turkey no likey likey US that much.  Guess Turkey has picked a side and it ain't ours.  

And this part is intersting:

Although France has agreed to join in airstrikes in Iraq, and last week conducted a bombing raid there, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday that his government did not believe it had the legal basis to join the Syria operations.

Huh.   He says, "[non, merci beaucoup] legal basis to join the Syria operations."

It just gets better and better.

You know, when I first heard the Commander-In-Chief say that the United States would not go it alone, my first thought was that he would have the players of the WESTERN world join forces, en masse.

So far, the official list of allies includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

That's it?



no, seriously?

We have entered another country -- Syria -- to blow up the radicalized pockets of ISIS to smithereens, hand picking the targets along the way, after telling the president  -- Assad -- not to do anything about it, or else....without the UK?  Germany?  France?  And everyone is okay with this?   Maybe we should ask Mexico what kind of help they could give us?  How about we send the gang bangers crossing our southern border over there to lend an arm?

But  worst of all...what kind of retaliation are we in store for after all is said and done, and yet never finished?

Oh wait.

There's another group?

There's another group who is apparently even worse that ISIS?  Say it isn't so.

This just in from the National Journal -- including comments from Ben Rhodes, our White House Deputy National Security Adviser:

[Rhodes] said Tuesday that the U.S. has had the Khorasan Group on its radar, according to press pool reports. "For some time, we've been tracking a plot to conduct attack in the United States," he said. "We believe that attack-planning was imminent."
 The terrorist group, Rhodes continued, had "clear ambitions to launch external operations against the United States." "We see this very much as an extension of the threat posed by al-Qaida and their associated forces," he said
Rhodes said that Syrian opposition forces alone are "certainly unable" to combat the threat of the Khorasan Group. American forces acted alone in their strikes against the group in Syria on Monday night. In their 14 strikes against the Islamic State in the same country, they had help from Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Oh, so actually  "[Rhodes] said that Syrian opposition forces alone are "certainly unable" to combat the threat of the Khorasan Group. American forces acted alone in their strikes against the group in Syria on Monday night."   It's funny (but not really),  Khorasan Group sounds more like a Hedge Fund, but if you want more on this development, go here.

Oh, I get it....


I don't get it.

It would be nice if we had a strategy in place -- you know, like a real plan.

We just bombed Syria, after intermittently bombing parts of Iraq, while hopelessly trying to cut off the entire mission in Afghanistan as fast as we can:  what in tar nation is the mission?  Is that asking too much?

Or is this as good as it gets -- just jumping from one hot spot to the next arbitrarily?

Seems slightly tyrannical without a western coalition in place.  

Seems like someone is desperately seeking a Syrian re-do, no doubt.

Seems like it would be advantageous for all the powers that be from the Defense Department to the White House to have a cohesive starting point and ending point with a strategy of both short term and long term dimensions in place.

And wouldn't it be nice if our actual plan was a big fat military secret?   Wouldn't that be swell?  Do our enemies really need to know what we are going to do next?  I don't need to know -- I just want to be confident and assured that "the powers" know.  It's as simple as that.   Just where is our common core basics of war mongering being implemented?  You know, our FINE military has what's called a WAR COLLEGE available with a history of assets, years of knowledge and expertise up the wazoo and available to use night and day, day and night, 24/7, if you get my drift! !

But what do I know; I'm just a girl, an American girl,  and this is just one day in the life.

What is the plan, Mr. President?

Is it our president's naivete, ignorance, lack of preparation and experience, or his sympathizing with the Sunni's, that sends our boys and girls haphazardly into harm's way and to Africa without even asking?  

All Americans should be asking this question.

You know, in just a wee bit, our Commander-In-Chief will be showing up for the United Nations meetings --  if he's not there already.

That should be interesting.  Can you say awkward moment imminent ten times fast?  Can't wait to hear what he has to say to all the Arab world...the western world ...whoever that really is....who really knows anymore on any given day.

Remember when our Commander-In-Chief got up there just after the Benghazi attacks killing four Americans and he was still blaming it on the video?  But what did he really know and when did he really know it? The world may never know it.

As the world turns...upside down.

Make it a Good Day, G


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