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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Leading America through Executive Order Thing

Dear America,

not much time today.
make that all this week.
the cause:  a moonlighting opportunity has turned into a full time job, only just for the moment.  this, too, shall change.

but what a week and it's only wednesday right?

UNBELIEVABLE does not even come close.

so since last friday, America has been wrestling with the amnesty-by-fiat maneuver invoked by President Obama.  oh sure, in year's past, he said he didn't have the power to do so, that it would be usurping the privileges of Congress, the law of the land.   but, lo and behold, last friday he did it anyway.

and just this morning, has completely decided to intervene between congress and his department of justice -- taking his "executive privilege" to new heights within only a matter of a few days -- and told the investigative committee that his department of justice has turned everything over that it's going to turn over (on Fast & Furious Scandal), so back off.   G paraphrasing, of course.

so let's see, this makes a half dozen cases, or so, to date, of blatant, corruptive, fascist, use of power, within the Executive Branch alone.

short list consisting of:
  • implementing an executive branch double standard -- only for certain states -- in compliance with the No Child Left Behind school testing/regulatory standards.
  • implementing an executive branch order to no longer prosecute small change marijuana usage/sale
  • implementing an executive branch special allowance for certain internet gambling venues (see dealer for details)
  • implementing an executive branch blind eye to a real law on the books; a law generally recognized as DOMA, the Defense of  (traditional) Marriage Act.
  • implementing an executive branch edict granting amnesty for children of illegals, circumventing the law -- acting entirely on his own -- and now, making absolutely no apologies for it.
  • and now this -- implementing his executive privilege to have congress back off Eric Holder.
While I get back to my other thing, please go to The National Review -- they offer the perfect pitch and response to the recent announcement by the Executive Branch on illegal amnesty -- go here.

The world is moving fast, and furious.  We will have much to catch up on upon my return.

Until then, blessings to you and yours.

Make it a Good Day, G

oh, i almost forgot...
Just after Father's Day, I wanted to bring to your attention a story about two dads --  having heard of their connection through Huckabee just last weekend.  I found myself moved by how their lives became unexpectedly, and rather suddenly, intermingled.  go to losingoursons.com

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