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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear America,

"They were all kind of squirming in their seats ...
It was interesting to watch,"
Obama said.

This, from the President who is supposed to be all about bringing the two sides together. Interesting.

Mocking republicans at every chance he gets; does he think we can't hear him?

It's getting old.

It's getting old because he is forgetting HE IS THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES -- he doesn't have to go there; matter of fact, you said you wouldn't.  Oh what's the use, it's not like he's listening.

Republicans couldn't applaud to your so-called "tax cuts" during the State of the Dis-Union Pep Rally because they know the truth; they also know, along with the rest of us, the repeal of the Bush tax cuts are around the corner.  They also know, along with the rest of us, that we didn't feel a thing.

Are you feeling the tax cuts?
Are you feeling the love?
Are you feeling like we're back from the brink?

"There has never been a program of this scale, moved at this speed,
 that has been enacted as effectively
and as transparently as the recovery act,"
Obama said.

"This team has done an outstanding job."
Obama said.
as if telling us one more time,  maybe we'll understand

 "They're unwilling to step up,"
[in case you didn't know -- referring to Republicans]
Biden said.

"Well not us."  Biden said.

No, not you guys; you're the good guys -- the other guys are evil, the party of no, with stupidity or swastikas written all over them, astro-turf wannabes, and all but acting alone -- not to jump to any conclusions, or anything -- but can't we all just get along?  It's not personal, it's business.
"They were all kind of squirming in their seats ...
It was interesting to watch,"
Obama said.

Not that I was in favor of it at the time, but something tells me it was the TARP program that really stopped the financial collapse...you know, the one enacted as the last hurrah from the previous administration ..you know, the one in which the sole purpose was to stabilize the financial markets -- institutions and lenders -- in order to prevent the pending doom and gloom and mass hysteria.

Oh yeah,
and also allow for banks to shed their troubled assets, mostly mortgage backed securities that were under water; but ultimately, the goal was to create a flow -- a massive pipeline of dough, if you will -- of credit available for main street... by bailing the banks out with main street tax payer revenue.  Huh?

Interesting, isn't it. (get used to hearing a lot of that, for it is the word of the day -- interesting -- not my fault, though, Obama started it)

There is some kind of new math going on these days, that is for sure.

One thing that has confused me (but who am I kidding, everything about this is confusing) is the process of implementation -- in that, how can you enact a 700 Billion dollar bailout and then still not have all the monies distributed over a year later?  It was an emergency situation, right?  It had to be done immediately.  Well, I found my answer in an easy read from back in the day, October of 2008, and discovered a quick lesson in asset miss-management in portfolio.com.and in a word, it's complicated.

Anyway, interesting to note, that most of the solvent banks are back from the brink, having now returned, as most of you know, all of the funds loaned by the federal government (not to be confused with the added tax/fine/punishment that they -- the fed -- tacked on after the fact).
What is more interesting, with a click back to the TARP's show me the money site, is a look at the top four recipients:  AIG (45B), Fannie Mae (60B), GM (50B) and Freddie Mac (50B)

-- note the amounts "returned" to the Treasury...oh, but wait...

"There has rarely been a less loved
or more necessary emergency program than TARP,"
Obama said.

 "Launched hastily under the last administration,
the TARP program was flawed,
and we have worked hard to correct those flaws
 and manage it properly."
Obama said. 
Doink, der it is.
That is interesting,
when most of the task of administrating such funds has fallen under your watch and under the command of your Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner; let me put it another way, you guys can stop the program at anytime, but you seem to like it so much, you have extended it until October of 2010. That is interesting to watch.
But even kids know when it maybe time to follow the latest sales pitch from Lending Tree (oh, the irony), it's the one which applauds the simple idea:
(showing a regular joe reflecting a superhero persona in the mirror)
The latest polls should tell Obama all he needs to know: only 6% of Americans believe that His Stimulus Plan has actually worked to stimulate real job growth -- 6%!  oy vey, talk about troubled assets...and this is coming from a NYTimes poll.  Ouch, perhaps something isn't too big to fail?
Obama told us the unemployment rate would never see the light of day over 8% IF we followed his lead; and we all know what happened after that...interesting to watch, yes sir ree.
This may be a good time to jump to a little graph...
But then there is another ad buzzing around too -- this one from a law firm, the Property Law Group, out to help troubled mortgage holders in the face of foreclosure.  This one may be more telling -- with the new found glory that we don't need to take responsibility for anything anymore, as they begin by saying, "the banks wrote bad loans but you are not to blame..."  I can't even continue.
Interesting to watch, yes indeed.
Make it a Good Day, G
"Learned Institutions ought to be favorite objects
with every free people. 
 They throw light over the public mind
which is the best security
against crafty and dangerous encroachments
on the public liberty."
-- James Madison
or they teach how to do it.

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