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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear America,

Re: Solutions According to G

Usually this day finds many of us recommitting to ourselves and our bodies for another year.

We all know how it goes, gonna eat more vegetables, get more exercise, drink more water and go to bed early yadi yadi yada.

AS much as G is all over that, again, I cannot help but wonder if we were all on the Biggest Loser this season, just how much coming together in unison to work out the massive issues facing our country could be overcome as one body -- as in a resolution for America.

I know, I know, we run the risk of getting into aspects of just wanting world peace and wishing everyone could just get along, but if we really go deeper -- to the root of what ails us -- we all know the solutions are not on the surface.

And let's face it, the outside -- the America showing -- is but a reflection of some kind of wicked combination of lack of faith, or fear, or misguided trust; and then again, it could simply be a serious case of low self esteem, looking for quick fixes or a way to hide.

In any case, we cannot get better as one body unless we actually do the work -- and year after year, we all know that but seem to blow it off with an even firmer resolve to do better again next year.

Clearly, things have come to us real easy in America; growing up glutton is who we have become -- and now we are paying the price, and yet no one wants to take responsibility for actually taking the hard steps to change our ways. 

Every one of us finds it way too convenient to point the finger to someone else; it was our mothers who  gave us issues with food, our fathers who gave us issues with relationships, our brothers and sisters who made us insecure, our schools who made us ignorant and banks who made us broke,  amidst a government which has recklessly grown and taken over our world -- corrupting our very foundation along with the entire system --protecting the virtues of entitlements vs. the business of self-reliance and raising responsible citizens.

Over the years, we have basically grown to be gluttons in areas we shouldn't be -- fame, food, frivolity and filth -- instead of living the abundant life firmly planted in principles based on simple sacrifice, savings, spirituality and substance.  And more important, this doesn't have anything to do with which political party you play with; it is every body's issue, what happens to one of us happens to us all and while our whole entire body America is afflicted and affected -- cosmetic changes will not even come close to cutting it.

Only an unwavering commitment to face the reality that we are in trouble as a society -- all solutions begin with admitting we have a problem -- while our future rests in how well we come together as individuals to form this one body we have all come to recognize as We the People of the United States of America

If we protect our faith, our family, and our freedoms first, all else shall be added in accordance to our beliefs -- reflected by that which is in our heart, providing our society with a soul worthy of recreating itself -- and thereby sustaining us with the perfect foundation for taking the first step over the mountain we face.

But therein lies the real issue; no body really wants to stop -- you know, being gluttons. 

  • Generally speaking, of course, it feels good to eat too much (teaching our children to eat too much too).  
  • Generally speaking, it feels good to skip church and go around believing its all about me (teaching our children to lose faith altogether). 
  • Generally speaking, it feels good to make a lot of money and spend it (teaching our children we can never have too many things). 
  • Generally speaking, it feels good to sit and watch TV (teaching our children...you know the drill...)
It takes work to start over; to commit to a better body; to replenish our weary souls; to save money; to be mindful of what we give our attention to -- what we watch on TV -- as who really cares who makes it to Barbara's top ten list of the most fascinating people in America if that includes Lady Gaga yadi yadi yada.  Are you kidding me?

It takes work being of good health.
It takes work being of happy spirit.
It takes work being of sound mind.

No one can go the extra mile for us, the only way we get over the mountain is by our own two feet taking us there.  Relying on other people to coach us, motivate us, support us, or 'make us want to' can't touch it either -- okay, perhaps a little coaching and motivation is a good thing, but with any addiction, the individual with the problem must want to make the change, otherwise, all efforts will be thwarted and of no use.  Nothing can take the place of pure determination and just doing it by yourself and for yourself.

Quite honestly, going cold turkey might be the only way it can be done; as G just doesn't see it getting any easier or looking any sweeter any other way.

The beauty is, the joy in starting over with a brand new year offers us many reasons to celebrate and look forward to even in spite of the work that lies ahead.  It feels good to have goals and a direction, if only starting with eating more broccoli, being more polite, finding more patience, and looking upward more often to lead the way.  The act of making a decision to being a better person just feels good -- and usually, with a little patience and time, it begins to show. Those happy endorphines kick in and we begin to feel a change we can believe in.

No matter what we do, or what we commit to, we must trust that as a people we all share a little bit of everything in mind when faced with a new year -- and that would be a good thing.

This is the time we must have faith in the humanity and community that surrounds us -- including the liberals who know not what they do -- for Lord knows, they say the very same thing about us.

Yes, it is a mountain in front of us; yet history tells us many wondrous things happen around mountains -- angels appear, commandments fall out of the sky, flags get unfurled and planted firmly at the top, while pioneers somehow get over them and build a nation.  Whether it is a mountain of paperwork and bills, a pantry of junk food, or hips that don't fit in a favorite pair of jeans -- we can get through this.

And just maybe, the biggest glutton of them all will be noticing us; perhaps our new routine, our good habits, our tight abs and glowing smiles, all our efforts in making 2010 the best year ever -- Washington will not only take notice, they will be so jealous of our spankin' hard bodies and sound minds and houses built on rock they won't dismiss us as some fleeting urge for shaping up just in time for the next State of the Union address only to fall back to our old wicked ways the day after -- because little do they know, we know better.  And with every day, we just get stronger and more committed.

And just maybe, somehow,  they might find a few bad habits of their own and join us --  if not, it's easy, we make change come to us come November bada bing bada boom -- as I should hope we refuse to be gluttons for punishment, if nothing else.

Hope and change, hope and change, hope and change -- and just one foot in front of the other -- I think we can, I think we can, I think we can. -- and before you know it, America moves mountains entirely -- again.

Make it a Good Day, G

May we leave 2009 with the blessings of greater understanding and deeper connection to ourselves, our families, and to our beautiful country --
May we look forward with great anticipation and expectancy to the birth of a brand new year, reuniting us in spirit, in common sense, and forging onward in our resolve to climb every mountain ahead with grace, love, gratitude, perseverence, and faith (and perhaps a little motown thrown in to ring in the year)

To you and yours, God bless us every one.

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