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Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear America,

Most of you know G's been following Flash Forward on ABC Thursday evenings.  Of course, it's just a TV show; how earth shattering can it really be.  It's entertainment.  It's only an hour once a week -- how much could it possibly do to change a pattern of thought or even sink deep enough into the soul to welcome in a new paradigm or affect real change?

It comes usually in little tidbits, one liners that all of a sudden make you go hmmm; last night's was this:
"...one's destiny is not written in stone." and a bit later kicks it up with "It's not fate vs free will -- It is fate AND free will."

and I reached a moment of oh thank God.

We so have the power to change even the life altering, mind dumbing policy decisions that keep being generated out of this administration -- it's not too late.  We have the opportunity to change our course of actions and conceivably our very future. 

Realizing the government is supposed to be working for us, part of the mood in America is so distraught with simply the inability to be able to do anything about what is happening these days in Washington.  In a recent Rasmussen poll, 71% of likely voters say they are somewhat angry over current policy.  71%! Of that, 46% are VERY ANGRY.  Only 27% are not very angry about the new policies, including 10% who are not angry at all -- must be those who have jobs located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Overall Obama's approval rating has slipped from the generous 65% in January a whole TWENTY POINTS -- and has settled into 46% -- but with that, what may be more telling, only 28% have garnered Obama with a strong approval rating, while 40% strongly disapprove.  At election night, Obama led with 53% of the vote with McCain-Palin at 46% -- it makes me wonder how it would turn out if we all got a do-over today?

I don't think this facade of a president is what we had in mind.

I don't believe the Great American Apology tour was put on our Blackberry calendars.

Matter of fact, I don't think the exponential growth of our National Debt or the current 1.4 Trillion dollar deficit could even be foreseen, let alone imagined -- at least not in the first 10 months.

You know what's funny about numbers, you start to see a few a them thrown around and all of a sudden we not only become expert at finding waste and fraud within our own federal government, we really begin to recognize so much of it is in the packaging.  Whether left or right, we have done some kind of damage to the American Way. 

Now, upon the light of a new day -- which happens to be metaphorically speaking the Day After electing the President who declared
"we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America"
 -- we get it now. 

It was upon that day, with free will in tow and a ballot in hand, we very well will look back and claim with great regret we were all equally responsible for altering America's fate.

Thank God there are now 71%  of us not only mildly upset about it, but we have grown 40% downright ANGRY.  Perhaps now, we can get somewhere with all of this pent up anger and realize just how much we have at stake if we don't.

I learned a new word today.  I was looking up flagging, trying to get a better understanding as to how we use it and look at it's origins (kind of a game I play); it was used in an article describing the economy and the job market.  So while I was looking at flagging, it immediately sent my eyes to flagitious: "shockingly evil, infamous, scandalous, heinous" and adds "that remorseless government persisted in its flagitious project" as an example. 

I kid you not.  I'm looking at it right now...out of The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Edition -- I'm also realizing just now that apparently I was the first kid to run off with it, when I left home I guess.  The inscription on the inside shows it was given to the family with love from "husband/father" on March 3, 1980.  No telling what was going on in March of 1980; I had just graduated a semester early from high school, it falls in between birthdays, there is no real family significance I can think of...papa must have just come home one day and plopped it on the kitchen counter.  Moving on...

I guess you could say a flagitious government and it's agenda for policy change is widely known and almost anticipated or predicted.  It's the governments fate to act scandalously; whereby it also makes it up to the people to use our God given and Constitutional right of free will to change it.

It's like that couple in the press these days -- playing this victim card of "who would have the audacity" to crash a White House State Dinner.  The travesty is really giving them any attention at all.  But what do they do, they cry out that their lives have been "destroyed"?  Are you kidding me?  They are the one's who acted; they ARE the kind of people who would have the audacity to not follow proper protocol, knowing full well of their wrong doings in every snapshot and paparazzi walk down the white carpet, while pulling the proverbial snow job of deception not only blatantly over the eyes of our President, but now upon every news channel in the world.  No, that's not the television's bad reception, that's the makings of the fluffy white stuff rolling into one big slap on the face of our Secret Service and upon the fundamental face of America -- it happened at the White House.  Unbelievable really.

I was going to talk about jobs today -- as what is happening with small businesses and the American Way and the ever-flagging ability for this government to recognize it must get out of it's own way; for then, and only then, will the American people do just fine.  My flagging motivation to go there tells me to leave it for another day, whether 10.2%, or the latest improvement to a firm 10%, it doesn't amount to a change we can believe in and calls for a clear head. Right now, besides being under the influence of prescribed medicine, I now feel dirty.

I feel buried in scandal -- between the overall government intrusions, stimulus misappropriations, a hefty health care price tag masked as reform, the climate-gate, Tiger-gate, Washington socialite wannabes, and the first American President who has no idea who he is or what he is supposed to stand for -- which in a word -- is UNPRECEDENTED; I am wishing I was living in an igloo, perhaps somewhere along Bristol Bay, fishing salmon for my dinner, and could ignore the flagitious actions of the lower 48. Yes, I love the word now.

While I'm known for painting just about anything, from chairs and tables, to fireplace mantels and walls; my latest thing is painting words in Italian; something tells me, too, I may have already talked about this, but I just can't remember in my condition so I'm gonna risk repeating myself, the sentiment is worthy to use again... 

Over my bed and painted around the ceiling fan are some wispy clouds with little rhinestones catching the light, I scribbled over them with words written in gold metallic paint,

"Dobbiamo essare disposti ad eliminare la vita che abbiamo progetto
per avere la vita che sta-aspenttanddi" 

Translated, let go of the life you planned and live the life that is waiting for you.  Which I take as take action, don't just sit there and expect someone else to make the change you are looking for; don't expect fate to come to you.  And by all means, don't play the victim and allow a government or policy take away the very right and free will to affect change and create a life; and especially don't wallow in defeat as if this is being done unto you and there is nothing you can do about  it.  And absolutely, when you do take action, own it, stand by it -- like as if your life depends upon it.

Fate meets up with free will everyday.

Make it a Good Day, G

One more thing I might do today is paint a new saying above my door to remind me of my responsibility to affect change and act judiciously and mindfully of every choice I make as an American girl...
Just below flagitious I found "flagrante delicto" --
Latin for "red handed, in the very act, while the crime is blazing."


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