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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

It's to the Power of John D. Thing

Dear America,

“What gets measured gets managed.”

and while this day will turn out to be a different kind of day for the ole G Thang, it will surely be a simple day to measure and manage.

what started out as just a random visit, intending to be just in and out while checking in with an old muse of mine @The Art of Manliness --  a couple clicks later, I became fully engrossed in the reading of a short biography on John D. Rockefeller.  (Written by Brett and Kate McKay -- and first published in 2016; it was updated in October of last year).

The thing that caught my attention was the hook -- Be Your Own Tyrant...and  from there, this girl was thoroughly engaged to the very end.  And to muse upon the muse just briefly, the post by the McKay's reflected their captivation with a book on Rockefeller, written by Ron Chernow. Thus, here we are --  thrice removed, Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller; the Art of Manliness:  Be Your Own Tyrant; to little me, G.  

And if I may be so bold -- it's real men like John D.  who have made America what it is today.
(teehee, there's a personal bit of wit in there, but you'll never know :)

“I would rather be 
my own tyrant 
than have some one else 
tyrannize me.”

that makes a whole lot of sense.  thank you, John D.

Be your own tyrant...brilliant.

From Practicing Persistence to Paying Attention to Details to Living Frugally (even after amassing great wealth), if you read nothing else today, let it be this.

No, silly; not me. 
Stop reading me full stop and read the full post by the McKay's; but wait, there's more...click on the link directing you to Amazon and order the book, Titan...!

These are the very things, the ideals, the motivations -- through the mind of John D. -- that truly are the key to success, that work equally and without prejudice, if applied daily.

America's leaders need to be reminded about these things, especially that little thing at the top of the morning, "what gets measured gets managed."  Our leaders hesitate to measure anything in real numbers, over real time, and that is a problem.  More on that to come; the thing is, it may take days to finish my thoughts on John D....days. maybe even a lifetime.

Make it a Good Day, G

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