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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

It's How Voices Carry or Not Thing

Dear America,

to set the day's stage, let's go to a light moment in the current book I'm reading, The Destiny of the Republic, A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President, by Candice Millard:

Candice writes of the "astonishing speed" in which the telephone -- newly invented by Alexander Graham Bell -- won over the hearts and minds, even the skeptics and naysayers, like someone by the name of Mark Twain.  He lamented that "the voice already carries entirely too far as it is...if Bell had invented a muffler or a gag he would have done a real service."  And yet, duly noted within this context, Twain had convinced his boss at the Hartford Courant into getting one for the newsroom -- and he installed a couple of phones at home!  too funny

But it's that part that reads, "the voice already carries entirely too far as it is" that got to me. And oh how we must wonder, just how much a certain man like Mark Twain would hate what's afoot these days, with all the smart phone and twitter and Snapchat and Instagram-ing going on. yikes.

The thing is, voices do carry.  oh how they carry.

And these days, it's not only about the ways and means our voices carry, it's also about who controls the voice -- which then translates to things like, who hears it, the content itself, and how it aligns -- or doesn't align -- with a certain agenda...and so on. Which explains why, until Fox News, the Left had a monopoly on controlling the voice and messaging to the general public; until Fox News, the liberal optics and perspective was all the American people ever received, no matter if it went in one ear and out the other, or settled comfortably into the psyche, and right next door to a mind full,  a community really, of neighboring thoughts.

The news of the day -- the voices of the day -- were cherry-picked and pruned, bound and gagged,  before any of it made it to the airwaves or went to market.

And to be sure, if you happen to have a voice as loud and entitled as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even someone like Nancy Pelosi has to set the world according to the AOC straight from time to time...“While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House" ....Pelosi said in an interview with USA Today.

we can bag that beauty alongside this little turn of a Pelosi-peach:  "The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it, right?"  Yes, Nancy, you are in charge, huh.

It's just amazing how riled up the Left gets, however, just by the thought of hearing something that they do not agree with, right?  It's like, they go ballistic; they throw tantrums; they protest the right for someone to speak their own truth, ad nauseam, and even before they hear a thing!

I'm so tired of it.  It's like grow a pair, will ya?

Like, take for instance, Matt Walsh -- set to speak at Baylor (today) -- a private, CHRISTIAN  University, by the way... Headlining a petition, entrenched knee deep in hate, it reads, "This [speech] cannot be allowed to take place. Please remove this from campus events,” the petition states. “For the benefit of all LGBTQ+ students, alumni, and future students, this harmful hate speech must be kept off of our beloved campus.” hate on hate on hate...

If you signed the petition against the speech, you were one of about 2100 signatures; the petition supporting Matt and his freedoms, garnered more, over 2300.  [So the speech lives on!]

Headlining the petition in support, went a little like this:  “This is a free speech issue. No one has to agree with him. No one has to listen to him. He was invited by those on campus who do want to hear what he has to say, and he should be allowed to speak his mind,” the petition stated.  For more, just go to The College Fix.

And that's just it --

Just because someone is pro-LIFE, or pro-Traditional marriage -- doesn't make you a hater of alternative lifestyles and life choices; it simply confirms what you are FOR!

All the while, many religions -- not just Christianity -- cling to certain truths and beliefs that shape and influence these very principles and values. Matter of fact, some Muslim countries, for instance, are not only against the homosexual lifestyle altogether -- if the powers that be find you  guilty of such behavior, given it is illegal, they may even sentence you to death. Just a fact, k.  Don't hate.

Walsh was INVITED by Baylor's Young Americans for Freedom chapter, to present: "The War On Reality: Why the Left has set out to redefine life, gender and marriage.”   exactly.. I wanna hear more of what he has to say about that...

When responding to The College Fix about the controversy, Walsh said it is “just another example of the decline of our university system.”

“College should be a place where challenging ideas are embraced and engaged,” he said. “Instead people expect to only be exposed to ideas that fit into their ideological framework. It’s a sad state of affairs.”

In reality, the destiny of our republic has been shaped by challenging ideas all along; and even so, some ideas (like socialism) have been challenged (and completely repudiated through logic, through trial and error heard 'round the world) long before the modern world of today, long before the telephone, long before twitter and Instagram and news feeds 24/7, all of which, celebrate and glorify  this new world where voices carry all the live long day, and ricochet back again and again!

Certainly, it would be nice to put a muzzle on it, in some instances; but that's the joy of living in a culture that celebrates independent thought -- we figure out a way to co-exist peacefully, while still holding true to our personal values.  It is a world where  nobody is forced to listen and nobody is forced to agree -- but we can still speak; we can respectfully use our inside voices and speak our truth any and every day of the week.  And it is a beautiful thing...when we are allowed to do it that is!

Oh life in America,
always entertaining.

And how about that Kim Foxx -- blaming racism, now, for the rush of  recent criticism on how she handled the Jussie Smollett case; like, what?

Yes, it's the same Kim Foxx who IS the first African-American woman elected to serve as Cook County state’s attorney, screaming racism.  hilarious.

So here we are, in a new world where... when there is any criticism against actions, when motives/or process is being questioned, well, automatically, it's gotta be because I'm a person of color when you happen to be a person of color (otherwise, you're outta luck); yeah, yeah, it just couldn't be because of an error in judgement, or process, or what have you...

Um, did Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman scream racism when they got caught paying someone off for college admission for their kids?  NO.  They just pleaded guilty, straight up.

Now, let's look at that Jussie Smollett -- the case where JUSSIE staged a hate crime and just recently got off, thanks to the work of the office of the Cook County state's attorney, Kim Foxx.  Did Jussie get off because he's black, just like Foxx?   And the Fraternal Order of Police in Shy-Town are not too pleased about it either...there is that, too.

This is a good read from "Prosecutor X" -- out of Chicago..."It isn’t about race; it’s about basic legal ethics..."  go ahead, I dare you to keep reading...and trust me, it won't hurt, let alone kill you.

Oh, it has been a true joy to show up today.
It doesn't even matter if you read me or not.  so there.
I feel so alive -- and Bin Laden is dead; and that has nothing to do with today, but what the hell. It must be the whispers of Joe Biden still sneaking around inappropriately inside my head.

Make it a Good Day, G

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