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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

It's a Day to Look Up and Not Look Down Thing

Dear America,

"For you created my inmost being; 
you knit me together in my mother's 
I praise you because I am fearfully and 
wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, 
I know that full well, 
My frame was not hidden from you 
when I was made in the secret place. 
When I was woven together in the 
depths of the earth, 
your eyes saw my unformed body.   
All the days ordained for me 
were written in your book 
before one of them came to be."  
Psalm 139:13-16

so yes, little baby, the one who survived a late term, attempted abortion, and said to the world, not so fast...I am a child of God and I want to live and breathe and have my being on this earth and I am fearfully and wonderfully made...

and to the doctor who gave an oath, declaring to do No Harm, how unimaginable it is, to bear witness to the thought, that leads to the loathsome act, of being responsible for murder, after declaring to be a self-proclaimed God with the power to take a life.

and to the mother, who without conscience, could allow for the sudden death of her child born outside of the womb simply because SHE did not want the baby...isn't there another way?  Isn't there any compassion to the couples throughout the world longing to raise a child as their own?  Where is your sense of understanding -- you know the kind, the kind that leaps to the level that trump's hate -- in honoring a life actually born, through, not only no mistake of their own and innocent of all sin, but is so strong, so full of life, that this child mustered the strength to come into this world with seemingly everything going against such a feat, with quite possible ten toes attached?

and to think -- that this pure life force is being held up for debate in congress in this day and age, is just beyond my understanding.

Did you hear about the little Japanese boy - - born just under 10 oz.! - - is now rocking about 7 lbs and is able to go home from the hospital, two months after his actual due date?  The doctors got worried, beginning last summer, as the tot wasn't progressing in the womb after about 24 weeks; so they did an emergency c-section and he has been living under the watchful and loving eyes of God, his doctors, his parents, and a whole slew of nursing staff for months now.  It has all come to the glorious end of his ability to actually go home!

He was the smallest baby born ever!

Now, just imagine what his destiny must be...oh how God must have plans for him.

And yet, here we are in America -- arguing about the sanctity of life, a life born and fully outside the womb.  Here we are.

Did you know that the San Diego Humane Society is "a refuge to 50,000 animals this year, and we put no time limit on how long animals remain in our care — a pet stays available for adoption as long as needed to find a loving home and wildlife as long as needed to heal.

How is it conceivable to be so staunchly against all forms of animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness, for our unwanted dogs and cats and horses and pigs, and yet, when it comes to human life -- crickets.  No special court appointed advocate; no say -- for the darned thing can only cry; the fearfully and wonderfully made human being is ignored, neglected, abused, and is not even given all the days  of its life to find a loving home. 

What does this say about who we are, America?  

'That's not who we are,' as Obama would so often say.   

Is this who we are, Barack?  IS THIS WHO WE ARE?  
Any baby born alive, after an attempted abortion, can just be murdered right there on the spot?    

Somebody better inform Hollywood, as the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer has hit the video streams...I mean, they should at the very least, give it a new title, right?  It should be Gosnell: All Hail to the King of Killing Babies, like, one after the other...

But you know, when I say AMERICA, let's be real -- I am really just addressing those leaning so politically left they have fallen into an abyss of worldly proportion, a depth so low, it has suffocated whatever remains of their hearts and souls, okay?  

The thing is -- with everything we all go through, day in and day out -- this seems to reveal a total corruption of our soul.   It is dark.  It shows no mercy.  It tells a story that makes a mockery of our values.   And for what?  Honestly, just how does The Left see this as a win?

And to the party of "tolerance" and "co-existence" and "love trumping hate" -- is all of this just lip service?  Does any of it have any real meaning when push comes to shove... when push comes to push comes to push comes to a real live baby?

It is repulsive and vile.

I am sick of our cultural standards being echoed repeatedly from a liberal bias; I am disheartened by the throngs of young Americans being hypnotized and corrupted by the sheer ignorance to how they are being played, day in and day out, by a party that breeds victims, thrives on dividing us, and bears no family resemblance to the community of Americans believing in the greater good, and a life of liberty and justice for all....especially those totally reliant upon us, like our children.

This is not a good day for America, that's all I gotta say.

But, of course, this baby girl can't just leave things like this...

So--  to Sheila Walsh I go for a little help:

"I used to have an answer for most problems in life.  I had a lot to say on almost any subject.  I now have fewer answers, and they might be reduced to the simple phrase, God is faithful.  I don't say that lightly or without thought; I say it because I know it is true, and I have discovered that it is true no matter what is happening in my life... I don't mean that he will wave a magic wand  and everything will fall into place; far from it.  What I mean is that if in the darkest times in our lives we will learn to keep turning our face toward him, he is faithful.  Faithful to be with us, faith to watch over us, faithful to work in us to make us the men and women we are called to be."

amen sister, amen.

Steady as she goes; this is a day to look up, and not look down;
For each of us --  you and I -- were woven together, 
wonderfully made, by God.

Make it a Good Day, G


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