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Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's All Divinely Designed...and It's a Real Thing

Dear America,

"The awareness of God's
 presence energizes us for our work."
Life Principle #4
Rev. Charles F. Stanley

the lazy hazy days of summer are in full swing, though for me, the emphasis is clearly on hazy and less lazy.

and on that premise, this girl is proving the old saying, the more you do, the less you do gooder... teehee.  the gist, the more we struggle to juggle and jiggle our way through the day, the less chances of the end result being all that it could be, or even should be; leaving us at the end of the day, an actual day, nothing close to what we imagined  (and more than likely well over par...and you know that's not a good thing, right).  

these days are hazy, indeed. 
I seem to have more balls in the air than every ping off the head of the entire World Cup -- and let me tell you, that was a lot -- so much so, the powers that be don't even keep stats on stats on stats on thats (that would be a little out of hand, badadump ba)

but switching balls one more time --

even the news comes at me in a purple haze, and all I wanna do is crush the nonsensical with the sensational and see what's left.  like the viscous lob of a tennis ball -- everything has spin; and it's getting old, right -- the tactics are well worn, emphasis on thread bare...the yellow fuzz being merely something that was.   and likewise, it seems to be wearing everyone thin.  [for some great summer reading, here's a great post on the dirty truth of tennis ball waste and what to do about it...re-purposing flat, bald balls in ways unimaginable...yay team.]

even the beach is under a haze for the better part of a day...ugh.

And round and round we could go, but let's cut to the chase and meet up at the net, all of this might be best summed up with another good read (recycled from summer 2016) ....and of all places to find it, @The Huffington Post!  e gads!  But I gotta say....to be honest, think I'm mostly in love with its title, "Stop Multi-tasking.  It's Not a Thing"  Jessica Barrett does a thorough job explaining it all, but here's her big finish:
"My sweet friends, start taking it easier on yourself. Live your life with more awareness. Pay attention. Notice more. You’ll get the same amount of “stuff” accomplished, if not more, but you’ll actually be present while it happens. And if your company asks you to multi-task, politely let them know you’ll be happy to do that, as soon as you grow a couple of more brains."
OH to be in celebration of this kind of awareness...indeed.

Oh to be paying attention....from actually being present for the ones we love, to living consciously in every moment, from work to play; surely we would make less mistakes, we would exude confidence in our actions, and all in all, around this ball that we call earth, our days would reap a certain sense of fullness, knowing our intentions and actions are not only connected, but blessed by our level of effort and giving everything we do our very best. 

Ahhh and then to be distracted by the action outside my window just now... Surely, the hummingbirds are doing their thing -- their one thing -- and popping in and around every bud, harvesting the nectar of the gods and that's it.

Only the hummingbirds, outside my window and in plain view, flit and flutter the evidence, seen and unseen, of God's presence purposely energizing and mobilizing the natural flow of life, assisting life, and producing results worthy of total awe.  Ask me how happy my dwarf lemon tree is right about now and I will tell you a story of transcending waves of haze every single day.  she is a mighty dwarf indeed.

More important, both bird and tree are keen on living a purpose driven life.  It's as if they sense this Life Principle #4 without even being told, keeping their awareness fixed upon God's presence all the live long day!

Thankfully, there is good news, for we are all born with a purpose, a personal intention designed by God.

This purpose, though, grand as it may be -- naturally and lovingly, comes with a near suffocating haze of free will hovering over and around and through us from the moment we take our first breath to the moment we begin a brand new day; the decisions we make, the turns we take, the mistakes in the cover of darkness or in the wake of day, it all carries the power to shake us smooth, barren, like the yellow wool off a tennis ball.  (this is the stuff not made for snowflakes in the form of snowballs.)

The catch --- free will doesn't have to be suffocating at all; matter of fact, it can be liberating, empowering, and now imaging something a lot like whacking the snot off the ball and winning.

DOING Something -- taking real action --  is required of us to stay on purpose, to stay within bounds, to stay aligned with what we are born to do; and even though intimately connected like bird to a tree, we must remain true to our individual calling while breathing in God's presence without ceasing (for surely the distractions of this world can easily get the better of us).  And to be as clear as clear day can be, we can't just stand there doing nothing; our lives are about as static as the wings of a hummingbird.

As we individually stay true to this Godly, Universal, mandate, of sorts, and the assorted characters in which we all become -- in good turn,  the collective grows stronger, brighter, leaning more in the direction of the Sun itself  and becoming a mighty force for good and the many more good things to come.

God is the Mighty Source that feeds us the inspiration, sends our minds soaring with wings and a prayer, and gives light to the path ahead.  This is how we, as people, can find our shine, doing one thing at a time.

This day took all day to write.
I started, then I had to stop.  I started again, and then had to stop.

But lo and behold, here it is nearly sunset, and the day outside my window has never looked more clear; but then again, perhaps it's all in my head :).  Even the hummingbirds are still about, and for a matter of maybe twenty seconds, one just sat on the wire of lights and began to swing.  Surely, the little guy must feel it was a job well done today...

...and given I have worked a little, donated some time a little, smooched my man a little, and blogged a little, I am finding happiness in my ability to take things one at a time better and better as each day passes.

Large and small, in the macro and micro, to everything there is indeed a season, and it is Divinely Designed to be done one thing at a time....It's the real thing, baby.

Thank you, God. 
Praise you. 
Can't do life without you. 
See you tomorrow as soon as my eyes pop open.

Make it a Good Day, G

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