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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's about Destinations and Milestones and Things

Dear America,

so good morning.

doesn't this feel a wee bit foreign...

Oh well.

Such is a day in the life of this American girl.

And speaking of girls,
mine just graduated from college.


what happened to the last twenty-one years, seven months, two weeks, and a day?  teehee

oh the milestones we celebrate

For being such an emotional girl, what a surprise it was to find myself totally composed throughout the rather long ----  all-consuming-of-an-afternoon ---- ceremony, if not the entire day.  The waterworks didn't really show up until the day after...when leaving my girl in the arms of her sweet beau, and on her way, somewhere south of the border, for a little rest and relaxation. [Destination on a need to know basis.]

Speaking of which, pretty sure all of her carefree prancing around the globe, under the guise of higher learning and academia, will come to a complete stop by the end of the week.... just saying.  As the reality of joining the ranks of the many esteemed college graduates meets up with the teeny tiny matter of finding a real job sets in, make no mistake:  this girl is well equipped with everything she needs to proceed from here, no matter where her sweet heart, quick wit...cultivated, educated, and attractive little package, may go.   [Destination unknown]

oh the milestones left to go

My heart is full, I can tell you that.  SO grateful for her university of choice and the generosity of its foundation; the gift of receiving so much help from her grandparents; and the very ability of keeping up with the costs (expected and otherwise), the logistics, and the starry eyed dreams of the last four years.  God is good.  God is good.

And speaking of hearts, I gave a few away over the last couple of weeks....
oh these precious little things....
Made in Bethlehem, from olive wood, the brand spanking new Bible Museum in DC featured a beautiful collection of trinkets and souvenirs to choose from, and these just so happened to be my favorite.  [Destination a must see.  A must see]

I gave one to my girl x
Gave one to my nanny family xo
And kept one for me and mine xoxo  

What I love is that each heart is unique; while the ancestry may speak a certain heritage, purebred olive, each individual carving displays its own vibe, as the swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee being one of a kind.

Kind of like family -- whether speaking of our own, or according to the descendants of the entire human race.

We are connected to the One Source, the Tree of Life, origins being Under God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen.

The swirls of knots and varied coloration guarantee the uniqueness of each and every one of us.

 ode to the milestones we have in common

Traveling always sends me into the outskirts of my mind, contemplating humanity.  It's a wonder how some of us even get along in this world -- which is just the perfect segway into a story of the lady at the United baggage check raising cane and making a scene at the gawd awful time of six am, when nobody, but nobody, should showcase that kind of anger towards anyone in customer service, like ever, let alone display it for all the rest of us to witness, without so much as even a sip of coffee yet...but I digress. there is not a time, nor day, when I wanna continue down that road.  [Destination, insanity]

Traveling IS wonderful, for so many a reason, no matter the season.

But it is that very moment -- when we return home -- that our world takes its shape and finds its proper place, coming full circle with the people, place and things we collected on our travels with the people, place and things we had left behind.

Destination, home.  Heart and hearth carving out our world in ways that make us feel whole again, in an instant.

Surely the next milestone is around the bend, but until then, this is home.  
And it feels good.  

See you around.

Make it a Good Day, G

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