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Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's about Canceling Cold Cereal and Keeping our Faith in the American Dream Thing

Dear America,

"If I were in charge of the world, I'd cancel cereal, Monday mornings, rules, and also CDC [after school care for us working mamas].  If I were in charge of the world, there'd be Halloween every day, cleaner water, and more flowers.  If I were in charge of the world, you wouldn't have vegetables, you wouldn't have spelling tests, you wouldn't have bed times or don't watch T.V. .  You wouldn't have to clean your room.   If I were in charge of the world, a chocolate sundae with whipped cream and nuts would be a vegetable.   All things would be sweet.  And a person who sometimes forgot to brush, and sometimes forgot to have lunch, would still be allowed to be in charge of the world."                                           by my girl...second grade prose

funny stuff, 
oh the girl can dream, right.

Clearly, she had issues with getting just a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast; she had issues with Monday mornings coming way too soon; she had issues being told what to do, and especially if that also involved having to stay after school longer than most of her friends, waiting for her mama to finish a day's work. 

Catching up with the young millennial now, she adores most vegetables (all except eggplant, I think), would probably opt for something savory over something sweet most hours of the day, prefers Netflix to TV, prioritizes lunch, while as far as spelling tests.... well, they've been replaced with the test of patience as she makes her commute,  making adult choices as she manages her time and responsibilities, and just guessing she is probably quite content finding herself not in charge of anyone but herself, let alone a whole freaking world (and a world thoroughly messed up to boot...)

What fascinates me most, is that all of us -- at one time or another --  think we have the answers; if truly given the chance to be in charge of the world for a day, or heaven forbid for forever, we would know right where to start.

Our perspective seems so spot on within the confines of our own beautiful minds we can almost taste it, smell it, and see it in all it's glory, making absolutely no apologies of what our vivid imaginations make manifest -- whether it calls for taking some things completely away...like cold cereal,  a reevaluation of the school calendar -- even if it risks clashing with the Gregorian calendar set forth from the days when the pope made himself in charge of the world,  or tragically,  made certain the possibility of a world that never cleaned up after themselves that ultimately created a very dirty room everywhere on the planet (And just where is the joie de vivre in that, right?)

Knowing that humanity does not think alike, and may not always do the right thing, or even know just what the right thing may be, is exactly why our founders created a REPUBLIC based upon rule of law, instead of a democracy, led by majority rule.  Just think, if the majority always won, just imagine the level of oppression; just imagine the loss of freedom and liberty; just imagine our country being taking over in the same vein and furor as the number of likes something/someone gets on facebook, or by the number of twitter and instagram followers. Crazy, right.

America was created to be somewhat bully proof, by law.  NO one person could ever be in charge of our world.... here in America

Obamacare is a perfect example of how this country is failing us, as it falls further and further into majority rule, versus the Rule of Law.  It came into being without one vote from the opposition party -- as in, the DEMOCRATS bullied this law into being without one republican in support, and even without debate.   

It came into being based upon a fraud; after months of being told it was not a tax, the only way it passed the likes of the Supreme Court was by the process of redefining the Obamacare mandates and calling them what they are, which is a tax; and if that be true, than it makes the legislation entirely void, according to the Origination Clause -- which, by law, requires all revenue raising bills to originate in the House of Representatives (which Obamacare 2010 did not).   

With the democrats having not just a majority, but a super-majority, the fix was in already -- whereby all the lies from President Obama, telling Americans we can keep our doctor, keep our plan, and be rest assured of lower premiums by the thousands, were thrust down the throats of Americans like the tyrannical tongue depressor that it really was.   
Begging the question, just how can we be all that surprised that what originated as an act of deep throat has metastasized into what we see today in the lawless acts enabling the deep state to wreak havoc upon the Trump Administration?  Connecting the dots gets so easy, it's like being back in second grade. But I digress like a kindergartner.

Makes me also wonder who's monitoring the halls these days, especially with regards to other kinds of bullies about town, like this one...
that's just a great post from David French @ The National Review -- dare this girl  add, sure wouldn't mind this guy being in charge of the world for a day, just sayin'....Allow me to share with you his conclusion:
It would be unfair to hold the SPLC responsible for these violent acts. After all, the ultimate moral responsibility for violence rests with the criminal. But we all know that speech has power. It can influence men to do great good or inflict great harm. The SPLC is using its speech to inflict harm, to express its own form of hate, and to spread misinformation and deception throughout the land. 
What’s the solution? The media should stop using it as a source — unless the SPLC again starts focusing on its original valuable mission of exposing and combating racist terrorists and white supremacists. Enough is enough. The SPLC has lost its integrity. Media outlets who use the SPLC to assess Christian speech expose only their own bias and incompetence. There is no justification for its vicious hate.
The thing is -- if the Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group, then i'm a monkey's trans-uncle. teehee, laughter is the best medicine, doncha know.

 And more than that, ABC News is a bully, too.

It's amazing the power of a news source, no?  

It's also incredible the power of propaganda, the power of the spoken word, the power of a dictate, the power of an Executive Order.  It seems humanity, when in a position of power --- lends itself to the kind of corruption that only being in charge of the world can bring.  It is awfully intoxicating and troublesome, no matter the age;  when this kind of power is seized, naturally we are known to know how to run with it.... sometimes, even with scissors.

It would be generous of each and every one of us to think before we speak, to carry our words close to our heart until such time we are moved to speak, and only then, if it may provide something worthy and good to the whole (outside of our own selfish little world, that is) --  be it the whole conversation, the whole school, the whole neighborhood, the whole wide world.  This girl would be wise to listen to herself often and much in this regard ;)

But oh out of the mouths of babes, for even at the age of ten, we know what's good.....that clean water and more flowers is more pleasant and deserving of recognition than the impurities of almost anything else, even if it comes with a toy.   And if in fact, by reason and by concentration, the focus is turned to these very things that are good, that are purposeful and beautiful, that are enriching, in such a way that is WAY over and above the things that are not, then how much better a world we will make.  It's pretty elementary, my friends and foes.  Oh what an affirmation of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness it can be!  To speak over one another with truth and grace and of beautiful things.....mmmmmm good.

The more the actual repeal and replacement of Obamacare becomes just a butter dream, the more this girl wishes to be in charge of the world, if only for one day.  Give me just a day, just one day.

Hard to imagine, after all this time, how unprepared republicans are for this moment in history -- to return health care to the free market with aplomb, having the circumstances be totally reversed by the congressional numbers, by the mandate given confidently by the American people who continue to vote their conscience with stellar accuracy and grace and understanding.

THIS IS THE TIME, ladies and gentlemen, to stick it to the democrats right back!  This is the time to realize, for at the very least one day, that you, too, can be in charge of the world and make certain the popular intercessions correcting the doomed trajectory of an industry that encapsulates one-sixth of this nation's economy; when it comes to our sickness and our health, what is best for the whole is to go by way of cold cereal, cancel it altogether and be done with it; and in so doing, keep the American dream.

This is the moment, for all the marbles; this is the moment to capture the flag and return healthcare freedom to its proper caretaker -- the individual.

And may God bless America, along with all the rest of the world....as that would not only be fair and kind, but the right thing to pray each and every day.

Make it a Good Day, G

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