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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's a Life-Changing Super Upsetting Blog Thing...

Dear America,

"Because your love 
is better than life, 
my lips will glorify you." 
Psalm 63:3


when things get dicey politically, emotionally, internationally or domestic -- of course, after receiving delight and encouragement and inspiration and grace from the GOOD Book -- this girl cooks.

so picture me cooking everyday, right...

and in a perfect world, it would be all day long.

So it's no surprise that cookbooks bring me comfort and joy just by looking at them, and my favorite these days is something that jumped off the shelves, kicking and screaming, in an Urban Outfitters:  A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches, by Tyler Kord...famous for the No.7 Sub chain of restaurants.

[GET ONE of your own, for you will be most pleased.]

Kord speaks to the avid lover of real food and sauce, often served straight up and dirty, and filled with all kinds of remarkable and splendid flavors that are sure to tantalize each and every taste-bud. And it's not just about the food, either.  He gives us a running dialogue on the side that is funny, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes bordering  TMI, with a splash of humility and a certain self-reflection that is like none other -- simply speaking in terms of the universe of cookbooks, anyway.

So allow me to share parts of a page -- pg. 32 to be exact -- just for starters....


and he says,
"I don't eat a ton of meat, and I've thought about becoming a vegetarian many times.  But I don't ever want to give up eating chicken.  Not because I hate chickens and want to prove my dominance over them or anything (because they already know), but because they are the most delicious animals of all time, and if God didn't want me to eat them, he probably would have made them that way.  That said, a lot of people believe that, if you eat the wrong thing or think the wrong thing, God will make you spend eternity bathing in a lake of fire.  I'm not sure if I believe in God or not, but I definitely don't believe that God cares about the details of what I eat.  Actually, if God really does care about what we eat, then it is probably because God isn't super stoked about all the animals we abuse in factory farms every day, even when we don't have to and there is plenty of broccoli lying around.  But I doubt that I will be denied entry into heaven just for eating a few chickens.  Right, God?"

[Kord loves his broccoli.]

So the recipe itself, is a combination of roasted chicken (pg. 26), fried eggplant (pg 148), fresh mozzarella, arugula, and "special sauce" (pg. 163)...all stacked up scrumptiously on a kaiser roll. But, like I said, you will just have to GET YOUR OWN copy, in order to for you, too, to know, what he knows, what I already know, that you wanna know. 

Often, it has been said that the writing of legislation is much like the making of sausage.  This phase is where most of us conservatives go absolutely bonkers.  We can't even bear to watch, it's so bad.

This is one of those weeks, much like the editors of Cooking Light glorify the re-do of something that never should have made it our bellies, let alone the printer and 3000 pages later -- Obamacare wasn't, and still isn't, worth the paper it is written on, and hardly deserving to see the light of one more day. 

If memory serves me -- and it usually does with gusto and perfect timing -- good ole Joe called it a "big f@%&ing deal" --- and oh my how tasteful that little morsel is, right?  What a moment.  What a scam.  What a lie; for just look at us now.

While if I see one more re-run of Barack Obama telling us we can keep our doctor, keep our plan.....

surely, how could anyone on the left be satisfied with this?  It's vile.  

From pork butt to snout, it is a nauseating abomination against the health, wealth and happiness of the American people and OUR health care system; it's a purely reprehensible act, a corruption from the ground up, from root to tip.  In other words, it is a big f$@%*ing pile of slop underneath wispy curls of meringue and in the every day, it is being thrown in the face of all Americans through the wayward and wanton and weaselly acts of Congress.  A pie chart of disastrous proportions.

Considering this girl is celebrating a birthday this week -- and a f@%&ing big one at that -- it seems to run like clockwork with an annual mental health check...asking things like, how was your last year, G?  What are your goals for the brand new one on the horizon?  Is there anything you need to work on, anything you wish you did, but didn't...what were your favorite things you ate, who were you with, and what's on your wish list for next year?

And given it has coincided with another good read, a little book on keeping neat, by Mari Kondo:  "the life-changing magic of tidying up."    [title was written in all lowercase, just fyi]....

....you throw these two reads together amidst the ghastly state of the Union, and what do you get?


It WAS an age of eating what we sow; but NOW,  it's the age of clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share...And if you sing that last bit, it not only helps the medicine go down, we might actually sit back at the end of the day feeling suddenly free!

Over the weekend, twenty two bags of clothes, housewares, odds and ends were sent on their way to Goodwill.  And talk about a big f$%^^ing deal, oh man....there are not words.  Liberation and freedom live inside and outside and everywhere I go.  I breathe better; sleep better; love better; and give better....and it feels good.  [You should try it, too.] [just sayin']

Just take a little bit off to chew at first, and then, you will know.

Suddenly the understanding of less is more, cries out for seconds, and the realization that we just might have way too much -- more or less -- brings us to our knees.   When we have too much, we have no idea of the value of anything.  Naturally, our perspective gets twisted like little garlic knots with shrimp phyllo purses; spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, lobster rolls, and profiteroles all roll into one. [think Nancy Pelosi when she said, we have to pass to pass the bill so that you can know what is in it....right...]   [yum, love that kind of sausage]

It's time to clean up our mess -- throw out what doesn't belong, keep only the things we can honestly proclaim our love for, and do no further harm.  And suddenly, this isn't about Obamacare at all, it's about ALL of government.   At twenty trillion dollars in debt, that luxury -- of growing fat, in body and mind and bureaucracy that doesn't serve us well -- is not ours to have to hold any longer.

No amount of secret sauce will fix what WE have allowed to happen to ourselves; nor can we throw on a muumuu and think we look good.

Pick things up one at a time and ask yourself, do you LOVE it?  Like LOVE it love it love it? Or is it just a thing that has come to the end of it's day, with you?  Give it away, give it away.

And if it's something nobody deserves -- broken, worn, full of holes, etc. -- throw it away, throw it away.

First, The Holy Bible; then, the life-changing magic of tidying up belongs on the desks of every civil servant and countryman; and to lay it beside A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches, we got ourselves a perfect combo; both offering plenty of manna for thought, food for living and loving what we put in our mouth, and pure sustenance for creating a brand new day tomorrow and thereby leading to a tidy, meaningful, delightful future.   Ah lass, sometimes things can be so simple to solve.

Bone Appetit, every one.

Make it a Good Day, G

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