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Friday, May 1, 2015

It's a Stars in Their Courses Thing

Dear America,

"Intention plus hard work equals magic."

just a little sage advice that came via my Yahoo horoscope from this morning... and ironically, and as often the case no matter the sign -- it works for everyone.

the thing is... 
sometimes it takes what seems to be a lifetime to figure this out.

while other times, a whole life is lived without even so much as an inkling.

and then of course, for some "lucky" people -- the stars seem aligned right out of the gate, as if by fate, as if no effort was ever required.

But for most of the time -- this realization that the magic happens at the intersection of intention and the unimaginable number of days manufacturing boatloads of blood, sweat and tears -- IT MUST BE TAUGHT!

You know how that works -- one person tells another person, and then they tell another person,  and so on and so on.

Here's another way to look at it.   
Think of it in terms of how America was made -- that being completely upon the principles of self-reliance, independence, and the freedom to do the very thing that makes each of us happy alongside what was fully intended to be a limited government.

Simple simon, right?

Apparently not so much.

Someone who I love, respect, support, and pretty much think highly of in every way, is Star Parker. 

Just today -- upon the heels of the Baltimore riots -- she has come out with a quick post making clear where her intentions lay in the everyday.  And having come from welfare, the ghetto, herself, she personifies the conception of "intentions with hard work equals magic" almost seamlessly.  Knowing what she is made of -- the ghetto and the grit to change her circumstances -- makes Star all the more magnificent.    She IS a Star.

So here is what the constellation Parker had to say, just today:

And no -- I have no intention on giving you so much as a word other than the heading.  Go read what Star has to say -- and then -- make a donation to CURE...just follow the links, easy peezy, light and breezy, lemon squeezy.

Which reminds me -- if "the magic" doesn't seem to be happening quickly enough, here's another one for you:  "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Yeah, I hear you.

Save it.

Sure --  it's cliche.

Kinda stupid,

Possibly even sophomoric, pollyanna-ish, and ridiculously naive.



And besides, if all of the citizens of Baltimore (who are we kidding, let's throw in the entire country, shall we...)  simply had a grasp on just how this all works, we would all be in a better place; for it's so true -- our intentions coupled with hard work equals magic! 

 Indeed.  And it is our duty and responsibility to not only know this, but to pass it on with each new generation we make.  

It works from a natural law (much like the intentions back behind what is written into law in our Constitution, and within our Declaration of Independence.)  that instantly, and consistently, responds to our every thought and action and intention, whether positive or negative, like magic.  When it works in our favor, nobody ever really notices all the hard work, considering by that time it is totally out-shined by the sparkling results of whatever we made (with effort! and determination! and tears!).

The reality is, the streets of Baltimore are seeing the results of the intentions plus efforts of the whole, and most certainly, of the great power of the collective.   Unfortunately, it isn't shiny or brand new; it's neither industrious or productive.   It is purely organized destruction, after decades of ill-conceived intentions, undermining every act of self-reliance and independence with liberal lies, abuse, misguidance, and fraud.


Kinda like, um, karma,   
What goes around comes around.
Or, like, um, we reap what we sow.  

Ooooh,  like no, like maybe in the "stars in their courses" kinda way...[The Book of Judges encapsulates the cycle of sin and salvation, following a part of history in Israel, covering a period of time of 330 years in the land of Canaan and likely written around 1000 B.C.]

oh wow. 
oh G,.. 
sometimes, you even amaze yourself.  he he  
[Even though I am nothing, and only by the grace of God do I come up with anything to say upon any waking day... thank you, God.    Can I get an amen?]

Anywho, this morning when I awoke I thought to myself,
should I write a blog, or no?
And wondering, do I really have something to say, today?

Unknowingly, and yet setting my sights upon the answer of yes, my intentions began to align with tripping around the keyboard, starting with my daily ritual of reading a silly horoscope and promptly bouncing around the web like nobody's business.

And the stars came out to greet me.

Baddabing Badda Big Bang Boom.
Bye Bye

Make it a Good Day, G

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