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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's an Expatriation of a Nation Thing

Dear America,

so he started out asking for 2 billion dollars...

but hop, skip and jump across the border to today...

scratch that,
double down,
let's make the deal at nearly FOUR!

He's asking Congress for 3.7 billion dollars.

But let's be clear -- it may appear to be an asking of Congress, but he's doing the taking from the pockets of the American people.   And it may as well be considered a direct hit.

So -- IF this situation were all about dollars and sense -- the president should be doing his pleading for aid directly with the administrations of the countries from where these people have come, as in president to president, mono y mono.

Which is funny, if you really think about it.

"Mono y mono" actually means hand to hand combat, without weapons.

And voila!

The message on the day in America has been reduced to this:  mono y mono.

America is under attack, under assault from within, with the infantry coming from across many borders with no end, and no light, in sight.

The recolonization of America has begun; while it's financial support and community organization is fully supplemented, integrated under the fraud of Obama's health care law, the Affordable Care Act.  

Supplemental Reading Required:  See Casey B. Mulligan, from last fall, here.  And then read Joseph Rago's double down on Mulligan, The Economist Who Exposed Obamacare.

Obama's War carries a brand new meaning now.

The redistribution of wealth, along with the recolonization of America, mono y mono, will be the means to the end.

Under this kind of attack, no weapons are necessary, as the great humanitarian need reigns supreme and makes for an easy appeal.

Folks, the thing is -- we've been set up.

If President Obama was being truthful when he tells the women and children not to come, he would have the National Guard or the Army or the Marines on the border within a nano-second, you know...in a mono y mono kicked up kind of way.   But noooooooo --  he isn't defending our borders and this country....

We find this president re-defining the assault on the border, re-thinking the billions he needs, and re-imagining his new America and realizing just how easy it is all coming together, full circle, mono y mono, under the guise of American compassion and exceptionalism.  It's what we do.

And don't look now, but the progressive think tanks, community organizers, Utopian dreamers, socialists and Marxists alike, from sea to shining sea, are tripping through the prairies now.

It's just like that liberal professor, rewriting the meaning of The Declaration of Independence.  Did you hear about that?  

Here you go -- supplemental reading, take two -- for a discussion on  A Period in Question...[yes, double entendre intended]
Danielle Allen says, “The logic of the sentence moves from the value of individual rights to the importance of government as a tool for protecting those rights."

But let's circle back to Casey B. Mulligan for a minute.

Last fall, he gifted America with an analysis on Obamacare, beginning like this:

A new wave of redistribution will arrive in America on Jan. 1, primarily thanks to theAffordable Care Act. The president's health-insurance plan forces those who hire, work and produce to pay full price for health care, while creating generous discounts for practically everyone else. 
This second redistributionist wave of the Obama era will follow a first wave of tax hikes, additional unemployment benefits, food-stamp expansions, waived work requirements for welfare benefits, etc. These measures were supposed to be temporary, intended to help people cope with the recession. The recession officially ended in mid-2009, but many of the administration's measures continue. 
Regardless of whether redistribution is achieved by collecting more taxes from families with high incomes, levying employment taxes on businesses, providing more subsidies to families with low incomes, or all of the above, an essential consequence is the same: a reduction in the reward for working. In a National Bureau of Economic Research paper issued in August, I quantify the combined effect of the two redistribution waves and higher payroll taxes on the financial reward for working.

But I digress.

Obama has decided he can use the military resources to house and care and indoctrinate new refugees...but he can't actually put troops on the border?

 Mono y mono.  It's on.

Without lifting a weapon, without congressional approval, and jeopardizing everything by way of manufacturing an humanitarian crisis, masterminding the civil unrest afoot, while demanding economic sanctions on the American people -- he has nearly completed the dreams of his father like the good son.  

It's just another day and another Mission Accomplished moment for the president.

But it's a sad day for America because most Americans are not aware of the unintended consequences of the expatriation of an entire nation at once, mono y mono.

Make it a Good Day, G


  1. As USUAL, you summarized it, but what a burden to bare! As the Washington Times Editor Emeritus, Wes Pruden, penned a week ago, the 'Obama' and 'his' government are the face of a conspiracy that found a clean black, ushered thru universities using massive donations, with the proviso there be no record of his course or grades, then financed his rise to the presidency. He is not incompetent - he has never been the real president, just someone who would speak from the oval office when 'they' needed that venue ... why it has made not a wit of difference that that he has golfed 180 days and counting, because unlike a real executive, his role is only be a 'face' - his handlers are the many Marxists and Islamists they placed in the White House and other agencies ... all of the legislation for the 'progressive' remaking of America was written before he even came into office, as were the series of planned crisis's, used per Alinsky rules to keep the Chaos levels so high, that even studied citizens can hardly keep score - and tune out ... with the border collapse no one remembers the IRS Scandal, the Benghazi Scandal ... or the 'surprise that ISIS is creating a Caliphate in Iraq- and has promised to attack America, and that 'Obama' has obliterated border security so that the hundreds if not thousands of Islamic terrorists can slip into America and have the Border Patrol fly them to anywhere they want to go .... that Obama Care is gutting the country with stealth wealth transfer just as 'his' strong support marijuana s gutting the moral and mental capacity of future generations, not to mention his hatred of traditional marriage and family - the bedrock foundation of the Judeo-Christian United States of America... and when the planned ISIS attack occurs it will be so large that 'the government' will have to declare martial law, for which the handlers have armed the federals agencies to create an armed force as large and as powerful as the regular army ... Lucifer is kicking his heels as despotism prevails.

  2. To correct the previous post, Wes Pruden stopped at the point of declaring a 'conspiracy' -

    Of course the next question is, if there is a conspiracy, who are the conspirators?

    Thus the rest of the text is the use of facts and reason to piece together the structure and purpose of the conspiracy ... and from this perhaps the faces of the real conspirators may emerge.