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Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's About a World Revolving Around Just Six Pillars of Character Thing

Dear America,

yes, little old gthing went all AWOL for a wee bit.  it happens.

no need to get into the itty bitty details of a kitchen unplugged, or my girl upended from a cold, or my own unraveling from the lack of sleep while working extra hours (picture a smidge cranky and then light a match under it)...

...aw, no bother, it's just life.  (that's just a little Eeyore, revisited)

And speaking of revisiting...

hummmmm di dum dum

Can we just return to a little more of the "don't ask don't tell" policy -- and not just for the military, but for bloody ALL of us!!!!!!

Now, it's not that I can't accept different people. I can!   Yes I can --  we all can -- we all scream for can-cans (with frilly tutus and everything)!

How ever God made you and me, we are free to be.  And it's all good.

But something seems to be upsetting the balance of nearly every facet of our lives -- be it within changes of early childhood education, athletics (both amateurs and pros)... even occurring within the very first line of defense of our national security, our military.

And just what, pray tell, has set me off this not so bright eyed and pin the tail on the donkey morning?   THIS!

Enough already.


Is this really an issue we have to spend public air space to figure out?  Do we really want to --- no, need to -- know that there are nearly 16,000 trans genders in the military as we speak? 

Then there's this --

So, we can't afford to subsidize the average military family food budget any longer -- according to recent news upturning the honey pot, and cutting the budget going towards the local commissary on every military base from sea to shining sea -- and quite possible closing some of them altogether --  but we can extend hard earned tax dollars, calculated to come to hundreds of thousands, millions even, for sex changes and medication -- not to be outdone by the inordinate amount of extra care, attention to detail, and changes to military procedure and policy, based solely upon one's sexual orientation?   Or should we say, disorientation. 

The juxtaposition is simply insulting really.

The military's lower classes and our veterans -- the members who will undoubtedly feel it the most --  can just take it up the ass, clearly being the hardest hit with these cuts,  but for all you trans babies  -- yay you!  You get a free re-do on the taxpayer dime.  Can we just, at the very least, take it to a vote?

If I were trans -- this kind of news would actually incite me to enlist!  What's a few years serving in the military, when in fact, before it's all told and undone, there's a free sex change in it.

And NO.  I do not think our children need to be educated from kindergarten by an agenda fulfilling the progressive think tank's wet dreams.  (That might be too rough around the edges, but oh well, it's just the mood I'm in).

That topic -- anything along the lines of the specific best-interests of the LGBT agenda -- crosses lines of religion, cultural tradition and precedence, and personal boundaries predicated upon individual rights.   To really consider every individual family's orientation, if you will -- the topic is not something our early education needs to be involved with.  It should be handled, discussed, and left to be decided at the family level - however it looks. 

Perhaps by middle school -- having amassed a set of discriminating guidelines surrounding health education teachings thoughtfully arrived from a balanced conglomeration of ideas on various lifestyles -- the topic can be entered into the discussion.  Surely by that time, having been given a foundation of understanding through their parent(s), and having grown up and into their own, our children are ready for a discussion such a this.  Key word there was OUR, just in case it slipped right on past you...but I digress.

The thing is -- there are many times when it just feels that the LGBT agenda is being selfish, narcissistic even, needy beyond what seems to be the norm.  What gives this group the right to be on a pedestal?  Maybe it's just me. 

But we all need to work it out somehow.   And I really think we can.  And we will.

The thing is -- early education is a time for Winnie the Pooh, and things like The Six Pillars of Character, for goodness sakes!

Please note: these  "pillars" are for everyone  in equal portion and include trustworthiness, respect (oooh, pooh,  speaking of which, I have to do it... Cuz somebody needs to revisit third grade apparently...r-s-p-e-c-t,),  responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. 

I do believe this covers it,  does it not?  Don't these ideas, these concepts, work and apply for everyone and everything in life?  And not just for grade school, but for every year thereafter?  Caring for those who are different, good citizenship and treating others the way we want to be treated -- these things are universal no matter who's your daddy/daddy or mama/mama or mommy/daddy or some other combination yet to be decided, no?

No, no, I got an idea.   How about if we all have to be force fed the LGBT education -- we get to bring in The McGuffey's Readers world? !  Yeah, yeah -- a series that highlights the story of Creation, by God, and concentrates on all things relating to good character all the way through grade school!    yeah, yeah, that should be the end of it, no?

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful world it would be if we revolved around just six pillars of character every live long day ... and all sat down to have cookies and milk about three o'clock... a girl can dream, can't she now?

But noooooooooooo -- we, the people, are being forced to deal, no accept without cause, some kind of hostile takeover of not only our kids early health (sexual) education beginning too early for words, but our whole entire focus on day to day life in America; and showing up in places we certainly don't need any extra controversy or concern as our military boys and girls set out each day to protect us, and seemingly, the rest of the disenfranchised world.

PEOPLE!  We need to work it out somehow.  
And I really think we can. 

And we will. 

It just doesn't look like it will be today.

No bother, right?

Make it a Good Day, G

And hey, how about we pray a little  (or not! your choice!)   --

Let us pray for Harlem.  For it is a tragedy, by gas leak, that could have been prevented.

And for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370...For any one of us could have been on it.  And isn't the not-knowing aspect of what happened so unnerving.    poof!  just gone...how can something like that just disappear into thin air?    Let us pray for the souls on board and their families.

And finally, let us pray for our families.  That we figure out how to work things out in a way that truly works for all of us fair and square.  [oooh, is that a double entendre?  is it? the world may never know...]

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  1. Turns out the Creator that provides our Rights of our Declaration of Independence also provided a handbook for sustaining Personal Character, not to mention, 'Peace on Earth' ... a guide that works EVERYTIME it is applied .... Pray with every breath and every step and you be surprised how much better life can be ...