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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's a Public Thing -- the Whole Thing -- Thesis and Antithesis -- Thing

Dear America,

my distractions seem to be mounting.  Is it just me or all of America?

remember way back when, when little old g just couldn't be done with summer fast enough? 

The idea of September -- being back into routine, and balance, and normalcy -- was just right there! Right there!  Just right around the corner!  It was so close, I could taste it.   Mmmm...coming home at the end of a day to roasted butternut squash, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, candied root vegetables drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and pie....lots and lots of pie.   It would be so marvelous, so simple, and oh so yummy... of course, in a 'have you done all your homework' kind of way. 

It was so close.  That sense of calm, that sense of all is truly right with the world, was upon us...and just waiting for us to pop the cork of a cabernet and take a long, contemplative, synthesizing sip.

But nooooooooooooo.

Not so fast.

The autumn breeze with ease and butternut crush with a hush (all over the world, tonight) must wait. [gosh I love that song...gonna try humming it as I do this; maybe that will turn my mind's mush into a kind of hush before pressing publish]

By the way, synthesis is my angel word on the day.

Given how the drill goes: I just close my eyes and pull an angel card out of the heart-shaped box; it's always a mystery as to which message comes my way.   The angels, so to speak, hold all the cards, ba dump ba!   you go girl...get that groovy groove back

But you know, upon first glance, I'm like, seriously? Do you even know me?  Have you no sense as to what is even going on in my world -- let alone with all of America? I'm in pieces and all over the place these days.   Is this a joke?  Synthesis?!?  Synthesis this.   Making a gesture and totally yelling at the angels at the top of my lungs.  Like what good is that gonna do?   ...But hypothetically... just what is the penalty for biting an angel's head off?

So calming myself down, I looked it up.

...I wanted to see if there happened to be something, anything, to gain from this assault upon my psyche before dismissing it in a hissy fit.   I mean, I KNEW the angels were just messin' with me -- but on the off chance they're not...what the hell, right?

And if you linked IN there, it would bring you to a current misguided vibe coming from our president....It's like, yeah, Mr. President, the opposition has no concern about the pending doom and gloom that only living beyond our means can bring along with that hefty 17 TRILLION dollars in debt; the GOP just wants to mess with you, yeah yeah

[oh! and it's because you are black; let's not forget to throw that into the mix-informed. yeah, yeah]

[and isn't the irony rich, that the first black president actually enslaves the whole lot of us]

ooh which reminds me of a tee shirt armed with a silk-screened message worthy of an encore:

"TO SAVE TIME, let's assume I know everything." 

ah, good stuff; more on that later.

But we digress.

Ah but really now, who are we kidding?  That tangent was all mine.  All me.

But back to SYNTHESIS.

It's such a good word.

1.  The combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole.

2.  The whole so formed.

3.  Chemistry.  Formation of a compound from its constituents.

4.  Philosophy.  a.  Reasoning from the general to the particular; logical deduction.  b. The combination of thesis and antithesis in the dialectical process, producing a new and higher form of being.

In the general, we go about our every day in synthesis mode.   We make a day for the good, with the bad, and alongside the ugly.  No matter what life brings, we must take from the elements thrown at us and produce a union.   In the micro, in the macro, this describes America.

All we ever really have is moving parts and pieces.  And -- with great hope -- from every thing, we create a coherent, thoughtful, reasoning, productive, viable, solvent, whole -- worthy to be called a life when all said and done.

And what is Congress, but a reflection of the parts, the constituents, the ideologies, the varied elements of every person, place and thing, that is intended to come together to perform a duty to God and to country in UNION.   Thesis and antithesis in action, in the everyday.

Contrary to popular belief of THIS president -- and under THIS administration -- we are not a one size fits all.  

Just as Common Core doesn't equate when it comes to educating our little ones [really good stuff, MM.com!]; and just as Obamacare doesn't equate when it comes to insuring and covering health care costs in a free market, as America was designed; and just as Global-warming controlled regulations doesn't equate and forces the free market to take a backseat to a massive, global lie; and just as Gun Control and Confiscation doesn't equate when usurping the fundamental, Constitutional right for a free people to keep and bear arms; and

so, too, does this Congress -- and more specifically, this GOP, this opposition, and THIS president -- must find a way to synthesize the ideas into a policy the entire whole can live with in the every day.  This is neither a democracy or dictatorship.   We operate under a Republic [click it]  "A Republic:  The Public Thing: Leaving the People Alone."

Arrogantly, Obama assumes he not only knows everything, but that he knows better -- better than you, better than me, better than conservatives, heaven forbid the Tea Partiers, even better than God.

He has no intent to synthesize anything.  At hello, he's heard enough.

There is no compromise, there is no transformation of equal parts into a whole, all synthesis stops dead in its tracks; the possibility for endless opportunities becomes a root with no where to go.  HE has made up his presidential-entitlement mind.  In other words, WE are at the intersection of  "five days away from fundamental transformation" and five years later.

When I began this G thing, it was at the very beginnings, the roots, of Obamacare and 657 blogs ago.

I feel like I have grown into this thing called G, as well as, this thing called life, right here before your eyes.  It's been baby steps, but from all the elements we think of when we think of America, and from the world as a whole, we have developed a relationship with it all.  I am not the same person, you are not the same person -- and together, we are not the same people.

We create, through the task of synthesis, a new whole every time we wake up and welcome a new day.  Some might even call it an evolution; while for others, still, a revolution.

And yet, it must be said, some things must stay the same.  
What do we want?  How do you want to live?

But the reality shows us in this new day, we are losing the Republic --  whether we choose to accept the elements for what they are, or not.

We are losing it.  [In more ways than one]

What we thought was going to be an easy, breezy cover-girl kind of fall, is really, truly, a fall from Grace.  It's a fall so great, even the likes of a butternut squash soup with a basil/kale pesto swirl, and a big hunk of sourdough bread,  followed with a warm slice of chocolate pecan pie fresh from the oven can't even touch.

While the Harvest Moon is full of lamentations of what was... 

Common sense is neither prized or placed atop a pedestal.  A Common Core where mediocrity meets up with a mindless march against independent, critical thinking is the new thing all the way around, as a one size fits all approach becomes the general answer for everything.  For THIS president, with good measure from the likes of this congress, has nationalized every bloody bloomin' thing at this point.   It's a day we thought would never come.

Winter comes next. 
Joy to the  world.

Make it a Good Day, G



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  1. .... and that's a wrap ... more like a wrapsheet, when speaking clearly .... now on to the Virginia elections 2013 and national elections 2014. From the perspective of recent tour of Rome, the Lessons from the Fall of Rome loom large, though the Pope rang clear with huge popularity ... thank you Lord. Need wisdom and energy going forward as exhibited by our Founding Fathers, per the book, The 5000 Year Leap. Rise up Patriots everywhere! Freedom and our Republic need YOU!!!!!!