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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Building One Blog Upon Another, Upon American Ideals, Upon a Many Splendored Thing

Dear America,

I just love the idea that capitalism is coming back in vogue.

sure, we can't really see it to the naked eye now, but it's there; it's in the seen and unseen; it's in the light and the shadows; it's under our breath and screaming at the top of our lungs. 
Can you hear me now?   YES! YES! YES!

Which leads me to this...
Much like the president's prepared remarks from last Friday -- when meeting up with the Press Corps -- Obama loves to have it both ways.  And as predicted, it's always in the Unprepared portion of the intelligence sharing, that we see the real thing, the real president, in motion.

It's like this:

"See, now I’ve forgotten your first question, which presumably was the more important one. No, I don’t think Mr. Snowden was a patriot. As I said in my opening remarks, I called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before Mr. Snowden made these leaks."
 Because, like I said, Chuck Todd,

"As I said at the National Defense University back in May, in meeting those threats we have to strike the right balance between protecting our security and preserving our freedoms. And as part of this rebalancing, I called for a review of our surveillance programs. Unfortunately, rather than an orderly and lawful process to debate these issues and come up with appropriate reforms, repeated leaks of classified information have initiated the debate in a very passionate, but not always fully informed way. 
[In other words, I -- oh, brilliant one and Commander-in-Chief -- was working on it BEFORE Snowden blew the whistle...Oh, and by the way, folks, in spite of what you hear, I'm "not interested in spying on ordinary people."]

Now, keep in mind that as a senator, I expressed a healthy skepticism about these programs, and as President, I’ve taken steps to make sure they have strong oversight by all three branches of government and clear safeguards to prevent abuse and protect the rights of the American people..."   
[with the emboldened emphasis for kicks and giggles by the Gthing, of course]

If you ask me, the thin skin is becoming way too transparent. 
But let's not dwell.

If you wish to read more on the day, go to the official remarks page @whitehouse.gov, here.

We will circle back and take capital upon America's Free Market foundation -- which, by all appearances, seems mores or less trampled and left for dead [and more analogous to the streets of Cairo upon this frightful news day]. 
And yet, then again, it just might be making a comeback.

[Oh -- but regarding Cairo -- the United States "strongly condemns" the violence; but then again, it's just so hard to walk the thin line between our support of the Muslim Brotherhood -- simply the peaceful demonstrators that they are -- while hoping for the best for democracy everywhere and always.]

But what am I doing; back to the comeback...

Let's first go to Ashton Kutcher Channels Steve Jobs, Calls Himself a Fraud at Teen Choice Awards, by Elizabeth Durand for OMG!.   Just ignore the headline -- along with the arrogance of Durand's accompanying digs, if you will -- and take a moment to grasp the underpinnings of self-reliance and the making of an Ashton from a Chris.  Here's some highlights:

  • "And I've never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job I had was just a stepping stone to my next job. And I never quit my job until I had my next job, and so opportunities look a lot like work."
  • "The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful, and being generous..."Everything else is crap … It's just things that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less, so don't buy it."
  • "But life can be a lot broader than that when you realize one simple thing, and that is that everything around us that we call life was made up by people that are no smarter than you. You can build your own life that other people can live in. So build a life. Don't live one; build one."

Ringing in my ear is a president making that infamous claim, "you didn't build that!" But again, let's not dwell; surely, to dwell would be to lead to a sinking of our own making.

For Chris, Ashton, he never had a job he considered himself "better than." 
That kind of advice is priceless.  

"You can build your own life that other people can live in.  So build a life." 
Don't just live disengaged and aloof to the making of your own life. 
In other words -- self-reliance lives!  Hallelujah and pass the snap cup!

And to that end -- capitalism, growing true wealth, relies upon it.

Now -- where to go next...

Oh right...to U2 and my Bono! xoxo   [And lookie there, another guy who played with his name...Mr. Paul David Hewson at your service]  But let's not dwell and get right to the point he was making, shall we --

“Aid is just a stopgap ---  Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. We need Africa to become an economic powerhouse."

exactly. and what a turn around [or was it...]

For a fabulous speech repeat with rapid reflection, go to The Beacon blog @The Independent Institute, here.  Or go to U2 direct, and hit the link, here.

But just before we move on. There is a powerful C.S. Lewis quote highlighted on The Beacon blog -- a portion covering Bono's interview with Jim Daly of Focus on the Family -- and it's totally worthy of the pink ink:

“When a man is getting better,
he understands more and more clearly
the evil that’s left in him.
When a man is getting worse,
he understands his own badness
less and less.”

Is that not great, or what?

[Oh no, we are not there yet...
must    keep    going...] 

From Moneymorning.com, highlighting the president's words of wisdom -- hailing the free market -- at Arizona's Desert Vista High School just last week and captured by Garrett Baldwin for Money Morning:

"I know that sounds confusing to folks who call me a 'Socialist,'" he said. "I think I saw some posters there on the way in."
"But," he continued, "I actually believe in the free market."
Here's the thing...

As Baldwin continues to make the point to quite the contrary.

Funny thing -- Baldwin's thing finally gets to my thing [oops, pardon me --  if old gthang is gonna be totally honest here -- it is more like his thing made my thing possible.  Baldwin's precise and profound incite came long BEFORE all of this;  accounting my great fortune, this girl is just building upon what Baldwin built.

And here's the just of it to save you time:

These are just a handful of "free-market" solutions set forth by our president - a real Adam Smith.

The reality is that the president hasn't embraced free-market capitalism.

Instead, he's embraced crony capitalism in the alternative energy markets, socialism for the bank bailouts, neo-feudalism with higher taxes and Fed policies, fascism with the healthcare markets, and statism with the ongoing programs that have spied on American citizens.  
The only hope for this country is real, accountable capitalism.

Sadly, we don't have any champions of this philosophy in the administration..."

So there [and if you linked in, you would see Baldwin's undeniable backup];
and doncha just love the added sarcasm from someone who seems to truly appreciate the real Adam Smith.

But please, read the full article outlining the actions of a president in direct conflict with his words. And don't stop there, subscribe to  money morning

[Oh - and don't get stuck on appearances -- the sketchy depictions of the editorial conglomeration of economic gurus that seem to look more like the gaggle of bankers out of Mary Poppins (see under the heading "Your Team") do not serve the site well; but once you get over that, you will find some truly scrumptious stuff; seemingly all built with pride and sound thought every single day.]

While you're at it, hit the link at the tail end of Baldwin's piece, taking you to What the Last Roman Emperor Would Tell President Obama Today, by Keith Fitz-Gerald.   SO GOOD.

I know!
This was a blog of many links -- filling in the dog days of summer with great reads, powerful incite, wonderful advice from all walks of life who are busy building lives, and purpose, and sometimes, things.

It's what I do x

In the end -- let's hear it for good, old-fashioned hard work and capitalism.  It works better than throwing money around; it takes more people out of poverty and takes less government; and when allowed to be set free, really free --  it really, really works!  What a concept.

Make it a Good Day, G

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