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Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a Fantastic Foursome Thing

Dear America,

oh my
where to begin... where to begin, again...

all I can say is be prepared; be prepared for the G thing to be all over the place.

We could start with the birthing of the brand new year -- the year of the dragon according to the Chinese calendar. The year officially begins upon the light of the silvery new moon [tonight, January 23]

...and you thought I was talking about that 'Auld Lang Syne' thing.

But isn't it fitting; who knew? what with the arrival of another election year.

You would think the Mayans and the Chinese got together to roll in one humdinger of a year.  Isn't the universe just hilarious...

But to quickly recap the last 28 days (returning to the time when good ole G was a wee bit more reliable in showing up), what in the world did I miss chewing on?

Well, of course there were 'The Holidays', the coming and going of a time when Jesus was the reason for the season, there is that.  Normally a magical time for me.  But this year's festivities were in a word, muted.  In a second word, melancholy.  It was something of an anomaly altogether and ended up being a time when I personally had to gloss right over, as solemn family tragedy happened to be surrounding me in every way. All I could do was get through it as quickly and painlessly as I reasonably could.  [make'n a sweet wink, blink'n and nod to Makers Mark]

What else...

oh right.
There was another round of GOP debates, along with a couple of state primaries, to keep us thoroughly twisted.  But cue the good news --

the FREE MARKET is still alive and well! (That is, at least within the confines of the campaign domain.)  And oh the magic -- observing the immediate demonstration of diminishing returns filtering out the riff-raff.

Actually, riff-raff is probably being a little harsh; it's not like any of them are really that bad; it's just that none of them are all that good.  None of them provide the one-two punch we all seem to be longing for in unison.

And so we are down to the best of last in the fantastic four who remain: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul.

So in order for me to stomach this reality, the way I choose to look at it is this way -- it's Veal Medallions, Bacon-Wrapped Filet, Pork Tenderloin Roulade with Prosciutto and Arugula, or a good Ole Country Ham with all the fixin's, respectively  What's not to like?

While they all sound good upon first blush -- the only thing that keeps us from making a firm decision are the sides. It is the brussel sprouts --  the pairing of a trinity of cubed squash (the way your great aunt ida used to make it, ew...) --  the chunks of blue cheese thrown down on top of a perfectly good saute of green beans --  or the creamed spinach, cheesy grits and cornbread heavy on honey butter, a combination making it appear we have a death wish.

There are biting pitfalls no matter which way we go.

And now to my new year's resolutions real quick.
  1. Do no harm    
  2. Do good  
  3. Be happy  
  4. Give everything I got.

It's a narrow list of my own fantastic four -- and yet, it's funny,  the more you look at it, the more expansive it grows.

And now to the final thoughts on this day marking both the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, along with the great joy of the Gthing re-entering the blogosphere:

Let us start by looking more closely into ourselves.
In a manner of speaking, given the times, let us begin this election year vetting ourselves before casting judgment against the fantastic four remaining.

What good am I?  How good are you?  What are WE good for?

How good can America grow?

It all starts with the power of one -- to be the change... to grow the good and be nice...to make the world a better place for all  (I know!  it sounds so Victorian, doesn't it;  so yesterday; as if dripping off the corners of our mouth with old world obsolescence with a splash of Bearnaise).

What can I say?   Pollyanna lives!  I'm baaaaaack.

Make it a Good Day, G

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